"Roonify" your USB drive or NAS with the sonicTransporter

The sonicTransporter is a small, noiseless, Linux based system that runs Roon Server. You attach a USB drive to it and your collection becomes available to Roon.

You can also use it mount a NAS and share the music on it with Roon.

The sonicTransporter has a fast processor, 4GB of memory, and an SSD for the Roon database. This makes Roon run very fast even for a large music collection.

The sonicTransporter is the idea companion to the Sonicorbiter SE or microRendu Roon players.



What is the best way to buy this and the sonicorbiter se, through the website above or sonore.us?

Surely this thread has no place here and should be moved to an appropriate subforum?

You can purchase the Sonicorbiter SE from either site. The cost is the same.

I have been getting a lot of requests for a unit like this so I wanted to get the word out. This product is made by Small Green Computer not Sonore. Maybe I need a sub forum?

This is a server not an Audio Output. So maybe we need a new forum called “Roon Server hardware” with a sub forum for Small Green Computer?

Yep, perhaps a sub forum is the best place for it

Thanks. I get Sonore and SGC confused. An SGC subforum would be a good idea.

Looks cool! Is this unit good for 24/7 operation? And since it only consume 8 watts, then why would we need 5 ampere PSU?

Yes all our products are designed for 24/7 operation. I try to always “over build” power supplies. If they are running 10% capacity they don’t even get warm and last forever. In this case a 5 amp supply only costs a little more then a 2 amp.

Another factor to consider is you can attach a USB drive to this unit. I have no idea how much power this will draw. The USB spec limit it to 1A per port. So I added some extra power to support that.

Thanks for the reply Andrew. Another concern that I have is transferring my current Roon database to this unit. When I change my Roon core PC, I just have to copy the whole RoonServer folder from the old setup. How does this work for your unit?

Do you have a lot of stuff in your Roon database? I have not come up with a simple way to do a transfer like this.

What CPU is being used, how much and what speed RAM is on board, is the RAM single or dual channel and are there upgrade options for instances where a 32GB SSD doesn’t cut it for the Roon database?

I do have more than 6,000 albums and half of them are Chinese Albums which Roon doesn’t really do a good job in identifying those the way I wanted. I have spent a lot of time rectifying them and wouldn’t want to do that again…

I don’t give out specs like this because they are subject to change. CPUs and RAM modules come and go often usually on a 6 to 8 month cycle. We does all out testing here with a 250K+ music library to make sure the Roon user interface is responsive. That is the point of the product is you don’t need to worry about the specs and you know it will work.

It does have a 64GB SSD that will support an absolutely huge Roon database! This may get larger over time as SSDs get cheaper.

OK I’ll look into this. Worst case is I just connect from remote and import it for you.

At $380 I’d want to know what I’m getting, whether it’s said to perform satisfactorily or not.

Appreciate it Andrew! But that is if my Windows Roon database would work on your Linux device ya?

Yes the database is the same. I fact believe or not the code is actually the same!

The bundle includes the microRendu – I didn’t think that was available yet? Is this a hint that it is nearby?

A general comment to anybody interested in this: I am very fond of SSD storage for music, and they are now becoming reasonably priced. Amazon lists external 1 TB drives for around $400. This becomes a very neat package.

This is so neat, in fact, that I’m tempted to buy the whole package even though I already have a complete system. Maybe I can give a system to somebody. Neeed to shop…