RoonMounts / RoonStorage_<numbers> folder on MacOS

I restarted my machine (MacOS 10.12.3) after updating to the latest version of Roon 1.3 (build 204) stable and a finder window opened at ~/Library/RoonMounts/RoonStorage_2e904bf675324fc503469f9cd6b1de4698679d8c

I checked Users & Groups and sure enough there’s a login item for it there to automatically open.

Is this something leftover from the update? There’s nothing in the directory. Is it safe to remove the login item and delete the folder?

Be very careful with that directory. It’s the place where we mount a folder shared over SMB, and if it’s not empty deleting it will delete all your music.

That said, if it is empty, deleting it and the login item should be safe. On the other hand, it’s pretty pointless, because Roon is just going to re-create both of them the next time it’s run.

My advice is to leave it. There’s no reason to mess with it, and the worst case if you do is pretty bad. Again, if Roon is running or the folder is somehow not empty, deleting that directory will delete all your music from the shared drive across the network.

OK thanks Ben

I use my iTunes library in Roon’s storage settings, but all the files are on a network share so I’ll just leave it all alone.

Could I suggest you set that folder’s login item to be hidden by default if that’s possible? I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if the finder window hadn’t appeared.

I’ll put figuring out why that finder window appears on startup and getting it to stop on the list. I don’t think it’ll be very high up on the list, but I’ll get to it eventually.

It’s tricky because it doesn’t happen for me despite watching shared folders from my Mac. Not sure what’s going on there.

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