Roonplayer controls in systems tray/lockscreen Android device [Available in Build 831]

Just to give some idea i tried starting and then swapping back from another app.
8 seconds to start and instant when i swap apps.
Oneplus 5T

Sounds a lot better then my Nexus 9 :wink: Must say that my htc10 is quicker but having to reconnect every time I want to skip a song is a bit frustrating. Especially when my android devices keep losing the core. Would be nice if things would improve instead of “learning to live” with the shortcomings of a pretty expensive piece of software. Especially as some free alternatives seem to be able to figure it out. Don’t get me wrong, I love Roon. That’s why I’m rooting for them to keep improving.

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I think, with no proof other than my experience, that it is WiFi and core dependant as well. Mine connect much quicker now I have a NUC with Rock on and mesh WiFi.

I want notification bar player controls. I hate having to open the app to see what song is playing or to skip it.


+1 for notification controls in Android remote

Hi everyone, this is now available in the latest Roon release: