RoonReady Sonore Sonicorbiter SE

Thanks Andrew @agillis for the info. Can you confirm if the linear power supply I already own (CIAudio VDC-5 MkII - will work with the Sonicorbiter SE.

Yes that would work great!

The Sonicorbiter SE takes 5v DC and comes with a 2 amp switching supply. With an output cable that fits, a 2.5 amp linear supply will power it just fine.

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It will work, I am using the exact same one right now with my Sonicorbiter SE.

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A question about the Sonic Orbiter, as a RoonBridge or endpoint, whichever it is, does it work through spdif and USB outputs?

And also will it only act as an NAA for HQP using the USB output?



I also have a question on the outputs. I am clear that there are USB and SPDIF outputs but I wondered could this be connected to a one box amp/speaker set up like the Cambridge Audio AIR100 that takes a 3.5mm input by using a USB to 3.5mm adapter?

Something like this

Its an option I was exploring for some of my secondary room endpoints…

Seems like that might be an expensive option (if it worked) and a bit of a waste of the SonicOrbiter?

I’d maybe hold out for something like Chromecast support for your secondary devices…

Yes you are probably right - I could always just use airplay also for my secondaries. I am just greedy for a RoonReady option and am useless at waiting :slight_smile:

The photo on DAR shows an HDMI port on the SE. Out of curiosity, what does that do?

I’m with you there. I’ve got an LPS, a Pi, plus a Chromecast Audio on Order, all ready and waiting…

Ok to be fair I had the Pi, and I bought the LPS in anticipation of RoonSpeakers. The Chromecast is actually an experiment in getting Radio into my Devialet without spending much money, so I’ll try the LPS on it just because It’s there.

At some point soon hopefully I’ll have both running Roon in some fashion. :wink:

Only experimentally of course, because I’ll still have one final hurdle - Room Correction.

Andybob, the unit comes standard with a linear power supply. You can also order it with an iPower clean power supply for an extra $49.

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Ah thanks Jesus, I was thinking of the CuBox itself. My apologies.

John, the Sonicorbiter’s RoonReady output mode can work with USB or SPDIF, but most people will use the USB output though. The unit also a SqueezeLite output mode, DLNA/MPD output mode, and a Shairport output mode.

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I don’t recommend devices based on the C-Media chip. Try something from hifimediy instead.

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Robert, the HDMi port is not used for audio.

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I am contemplating the Sonicorbiter SE, but I am in the Netherlands and tried to find a dealer (online / brick and mortar) for Sonore products, but have not found any. I am a bit hesitant to order from the US (voltage?, warranty case, tax, etc…). Anybody from let’s say the NL/BE/DE region that has a Sonic Orbiter and where did you get it?

I don’t know if this belongs in its own thread I’ll let the mods decide but by stating that the Sonic Orbiter is Roon Ready does that mean it is a Roon Bridge (aka speakers) device or are these 2 different things. If they are 2 different things, what are the differences?


I think you can only order direct, which may mean customs but you may get lucky. I’ve never bought a Sonore product personally, but from my vast research I don’t think you’ll have any warranty problems.

Its also worth noting that while the base US model comes with a linear, the EU version comes with a switch mode, unless you upgrade to the ifi version.

I did ask about buying the OS as a download, but that isn’t an option sadly - I guess its down to it being sold as a certified hardware device, which relates to @Sloop_John_B 's question above.

I purchased the SonicOrbiter from the us. It came with an EU switching power supply. Everything arrived perfectly in order with no problems or delays. I also purchased a low noise linear power supply from and it too arrived with no problems. I am delighted with the performance of the SonicOrbiter.