RoonRemote not working as expected

hi there.
lately I added a tplink switch to link thje rever machine and the endpoint one, since then I have hangouts and closing of roonremote running window 10
server and endpoint are linux ubuntu 18lts and linuxmint respectivelly
all ips are automatic. any help plse. the quality of sound was improved after the switch addition. any help pls@support

Hi @wilfredo_sanchez,

It sounds like the addition of the switch may be causing some networking difficulties here. Can you elaborate a bit more on your networking setup? What is the model of switch you added? Is it a managed switch?

If you temporarily remove the switch from the equation do things get better?

Switch Tl-sg105 tp link giga ethernet is not a managed switch as I can see.

Have you tried switching it out to see if it works then?

i will try today with a 20 mts long cable . The problem occurs only with the windows 10 laptop as remote… with my android Motog5 and tablet samsung no problems at all up till now…

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