Roons don't see apple tv [fixed - firewall issues]

I testing roon. When roon core is running on the pc under win10 then the apple-tv connected as network device. When roon core is running under os-x (in the same network) then the apple-tv is not connected. Any other client on the macbook see the apple-tv and can stream over airplay.



now i have reboot all systems. I start roon an the macbook, coonect to core on the pc. Under settings i can see the apple-tv under network-device. I can not see any local device.

I select general and disconnect the core. Then i connect to the local core on the macbook. Now i can see the local devices but not the apple-tv???

I have checked the settings on apple-tv. “Require Device Verification” is turned off.



ok - one problem is solved. The firewall from os-x has blocked a connect to the local devices. After unblock roon in the firewall and restart roon, i can connect the local devices and use them.


Hi @Roland_Kunzke ----- Thank you for the feedback, my apologies for the slow response. I am glad to see from your most recent post that unblocking roon in the firewall is allowing you to connect to local devices :sunglasses: (kudos).

Just to clarify so I understand, your apple tv is still not being seen by Roon or did adding the firewall exception rectify that issue?


Hi Eric,

thanks - after reboot the macbook roon now also find and connect the Apple TV.

Request can closed.


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@Roland_Kunzke ----- Thank your for the follow up and clarification! Happy listening!