Roon's Tidal sign-in blocked

Hi I was browsing through my Tidal library in Roon and was thrown out without explanation or reason. I clicked to log back in but did not see a browser page was opening for authentication. Now I’m locked out - Tidal says “blocked”. I also tried resetting my password and tested playback here but it’s blocked. The Tidal app works fine on Windows 11 though.

What must I do to get Tidal synced to my Roon account again?

I would try to clear Tidal cache in Roon using steps below. Before you do, remove your Tidal account from Roon.

  • Exit out of Roon
  • Find and open your Roon database
  • Navigate to Roon/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon and verify if the issue still occurs

Hope this helps :crossed_fingers:


When you say “remove your Tidal account from Roon”, I think you mean “Disable” it in Settings/services in Roon, correct?

Poor choice of words on my part. Yes :slight_smile:

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Hi guys thanks for all the replies. I mailed Tidal support and the issue was corrected. I have access again. I think that I clicked the login button too many times too quickly when I didn’t notice it was opening a browser page on my other monitor each time (it’s been a long while since I linked my Tidal account to Roon, and I forgot it asks for authentication via the browser as opposed to staying in Roon).


@RBO I’ve saved your suggested fix above for future reference, thank you.


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