Roon's way of showing CD's

Hi all,

I have an issue with Roon’s search for CD’s. After searching in Roon (I have added my Qobuz account) it gives me as a result,’ Main Albums’.

The result of this is that I often cannot find the CD I am looking for. Which is there in Qobuz and Qobuz showd it directly.

Yes i know I can like the album and then it shows in Roon. But I would like is that Roon shows me the Qobuz search result.

Can I change Roon to give me the Qobuz search result … is it integrated anyway?

You are doing a roon search for a specific album but the Qobuz version isn’t showing, is that right?
Do you have the album already in your library or not?


Indeed looking for an artist, like fourplay and roon is not showing the full cd list like in Qobuz.

Posting screenshots of what you see inQobuz and roon will help.

If you do a search for an artist then Roon will first display display a set of all albums by that artist that are currently in your personal Roon Library in a section called ‘Main Albums’.

However, if you scroll down, there should be a second ‘Main Albums’ section that displays all albums by that group/artist that you don’t have in your personal library.

So, the answer may simply be to scroll down a little.


Here some screen shots. Roon only shows 2 albums, in Qobuz i can scoll down for any album and do different sorts also

IMG_3841 IMG_3840

And it only first shows only 1, i was looking for the album which is now also shown in roon. which i found on qobuz and added to the like list.

Have you tried scrolling down?

If I do a search for Orchestra Baobab, I get the following results:

As you can see, there is a ‘main albums’ section that displays the 2 albums I have by them in my local Roon library. Further down it displays the additional 11 albums available (in Tidal in my case) but not in my Roon library in another section also titled ‘Main Albums’.

Correct but roon is still not showing tIMG_3842 he album i was looking for only after i added the cd. And then only in the top main cd list.

Maili made when i counted right 13 cd’s, Qobuz is showing them all. Roon not.

There’s probably two things going on here:

  1. When an album has been added into your library, it won’t appear again further down in the Qobuz search results, because that would be unnecessary duplication.
  2. Roon will group different versions of an album together, and count them as one album (and show the different versions under the “Versions” tab on the Album details page). Qobuz has a habit of listing all versions separately.

I think the issue is that Roon decides what are the main albums and does not show the rest.

So I’m seeing 10 Main Albums by Malia in Roon (and 19 Singles and EPs). What are the 3 missing albums, please?

I only 8 if you look at the picture

Nope, there’s 10 in your picture: two in your library, and a further 8 albums available in Qobuz.

The second one, like said before, in the first frame i added by hand, this cd never showed up in the second frame. I had to do that with qobuz.

My response is slightly off centre from the primary issue.
I would like to see in-built within ROON , some reference to the recorded quality of all the available music - Not too dis similar to which gives the dynamic range of specific recordings and give assessment based on testing.
Unfortunately so many recordings of even very popular and successful albums suffer from DRD dynamic range distortion and if you have relatively high resolution system then these recordings flaws are very apparent.

Well, that’s odd, since Roon is showing me all 10 albums from Qobuz in the search results (I’m in the Netherlands).

But you said earlier that you thought there should be 13 albums of Malia, and these are all listed in Qobuz. I’ll ask again: which 3 albums are missing from Roon’s catalogue? Thanks.

Is Roon’s listing of dynamic range not what you’re looking for?

Could this be a regional issue?

I’m based in the UK and I can only see 8 albums by Malia in Tidal via Roon when I carry out a search.

One anomaly, is that in my case her album “Smouldering Ashes” appears as an EP (not an album) in my search.
The album “Convergence” does not appear at all.

I have also searched Tidal using the Tidal app and it also only finds the same 8 albums I found in Roon/Tidal.

I don’t have Qobuz, but maybe someone else who does can check out the regional theory.


exactly that happens, and if you now search for malia convergence, roon finds it and you can add it in your library and it only show in the first frame.