RoonServer. Crashing

I have exaclty the same issue and reported it last Satureday to Zipped log files were attached. Any comments and help are appreciated.

Hi Rainer,

Support likes each request to be in their own thread. I did see you had emailed in, but, can you fill in the support information in the form below

Hey XXX, we’ll need a bit more detail to help you get ISSUE resolved. Would you mind filling out the support template below? You can copy and paste it in your reply, thanks!

Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Connected Audio Devices

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Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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This response is ridiculous. Multiple people reporting the same issue and instead saying “we’re on it” they just put up more hurdles to getting support.

And exactly how would anyone know its “the same issue” without system information details?
Same symptom does not necessarily mean the same cause.


Here some more details:

  1. Roon Core Machine
    Aaeon MIX-Q370D1 motherboard with i7-9700T and 16GB RAM. The machine runs on Audiolinux Version 362 with Archlinux Kernel
  2. Network
    Router is a Fritzbox-6590 with a simple TP-Link switch TL-SG105.
  3. Audio Device
    Marantz SA-KI Ruby connected via USB
  4. Tracks in Library
    About 12.000 titles
  5. Issue
    Roon either stops playback or is not reachable. Only reboot brings it back. In both cases the computer is not visible in the network anymore and doesn’t react on a ping. The hardware is stable if Roon is disabled. HQPlayer or LMS with Squeezebox play seemlessly in on the same machine with the same OS.
    As said before I sent Roon Log files (RAATserver and Roonserver) to last Satureday.

This is definitely the exact same issue

Update! The latest update (from last Wednesday) to roonserver 1.8.941-1 seems to solve the issue. Since Wednesday the machine is continously running and didn’t break down.


Is it really that ridiculous? When the end users have totally different hardware with an infinite number configuration variables …. :thinking:

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