[RoonServer] How do you export the library to a locally attached drive?

A bit of a dumb question, but how do you back up the library to a local folder, as opposed to over the network, when using RoonServer ?

I’d like to export my library to a local drive attached to my core.

It shows up as mountable (it’s in storage locations and everything), but export only offers my client device as a target.

Is there a less inefficient way to do this than “mount the folder on the core as a remote share, point the client to that” ?

Hi @Xekomi,

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you’re trying to export?

There you go…

Hi @Xekomi,

Can you provide some more information regarding your Core? I see that the client looks like a Mac? What type of Core are you using for RoonServer, a NUC ROCK?

That one’s a docker based on ubuntu.

The folder I’d like to export to is visible to Roon as a storage location (as /LibraryBackup), so that part’s working.

It’s on the root though, so if Roon needs something in /mnt/ because it expects this only to happen with USB drives or something, then that’s what the problem is.

How does this match? Seems like you’re connected to a different Core.

It doesn’t, is the issue.

I’m using the mac as a controller for a remote core.

If you’re curious, here’s what the “add a music storage folder” dialog looks like from that mac. For some reason, the option to pick the server simply doesn’t seem to exist from the “export” dialog.

Hi @Xekomi,

I spoke to the technical team regarding your question, and they have clarified the following:

  • Export will always show the location of the Roon Remote location

  • Since RoonServer on Linux has no GUI, you can’t perform an export from Linux itself, as the export locations would always be referring to the Remote/Client storage locations

I suggest that you go with this option, unfortunately there is no more efficient way to do this at the present time, but you can feel free to open a feature request on this topic if you wish.


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Thanks for taking the time (especially given that I’m well aware dockers are unsupported) !!!

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