Roonserver install on Windows Server 2016 Core - weird music scanning anomaly

Roonserver PC: Clean install of Server 2016 in core mode.
Roonserver installed.
Audiophile Optimizer V2.2 Beta5 (which allows Roon to work in Server 2016)
Music stored on hard drive in same PC

Initial setup, Roon looks for music drive and finds it ok.
Starts finding my 65K+ tracks
Doesn’t identify any as it counts them up though as it usually does?

…here comes the weird bit…

The track counter gets to the end of all my tracks…then starts counting backwards to zero - again without identifying any tracks!

Reinstalled Roon - same issue is replicated
Reinstalled Server 2016 - as above.

Out of ideas guys, never seen this “countdown back to zero” behaviour before.
Wondered if it was a network share issue as I’d just installed a clean copy of Server 2016…but Roon WAS finding my tracks ok, just wasn’t identifying them.

Forgot to say, also getting the message “Transport failed to load media”, and Im getting this with two different Endpoints.

Any help appreciated.

I think the problem is that Windows Server has no Media Package pre-installed. You need to add it manually. More details here -


Thanks for that, had read though that Server 2016 had the Media streaming built in…thinking on that (and doing a little reading) I think its only when your running it in “Desktop mode” not Core.
Its Server 2016 Standard I have not the Essentials.

Think I may indeed need to install some sort of codec/MS MEdia streaming pack or similar.

Know a few of us here run Server 2016/Audiophile Optimizer, could anyone chime in on how they set up Roon with AO and Server core?

Will ping Phil at AO a message as well.
So close… :slight_smile:


Hmmm… I’m running my Roon Core on a Win Server 2016 from time to time. I dont see any strange behaviour and i havent added and media package or any Audiophile Optimizer either for that matter?
I can verify tomorrow afternoon if it is of interest?
My media is local on a HP Smart Array, two pairs of RAID0 2Tb disks, both of these joined as an extended partition in Windows.

By the way, i think you recognize me as AlfaGTV on the AoS forum? :slight_smile:
Good to see you here!

Hi Mikael, small world. :slight_smile:
Good to be here.

But not so much…here:

0 tracks added, 0 identified despite Roon counting them up.
Counts em all up (0 added) then counts back to 0!

Problem still exists, continuing troubleshooting…

Others haven’t had any issues running Server 2016 Core/Roon so shouldn’t have to but…

Wondered if it was a Windows Server core issue with the Fileserver Role, so went into Powershell and made sure that Role was enabled.
All looks good, yet despite enabling all filesharing Roles in Server 2016, firewall off, full network reset and even reinstalling Roonserver…

Problem hasn’t changed.


So frustrating…grrrr. :confused:

With AO 2.20B5 when answering YES to Roon Support the Media Support is added - no need for the media pack from MS.

And when you run AO you are answering YES to Player Support - One of the first questions after filter choice.

And you have full permissions to the external drive from within 2016?

And you installed Standard 2016 Core - Not GUI (Experience) install and replace the shell?

I have run 2016 as a Roon Core and now as and endpoint with RoonBridge with no issues using 2.20B5.

Oh, sorry, i misread your first post Gary, i am running the full GUI-version of Win Server 2016, but with Roon Core on that!
I havent tried Server 2016 Core as i use the machine for other things too which needs a GUI.
Just ignore me!

Thanks for the reply Dan.
Few further points to help troubleshooting?

Ive read the Optimizer guide and made sure I selected all Roon related options correctly.

My Roonserver PC has an SSD drive for OS/Roon and a hard drive for my music installed in same box.
So no networked drive for music, local storage only.

Ive installed Server Core, but one thing I DIDN’T do was use the AO toolkit to replace the shell?
I’d assumed setting the ‘shell’ was just for GUI based installs, not the stripped back Windiws Core?
Should I infact be setting Roon as shell in AO Toolkit to get it to work properly?

Roonserver is seeing and connecting to my endpoint properly, (Logitech Transporter has Roon logo on its display) and can browse my Tidal library ok.
This might negate any Networking issues?

That said…
I hit play on a Track from Tidal and Artist/Track info flashes up on Transporter display then suddenly blanks out, giving the message “Transport: Failed to load media”.

Hopefully getting there…slowly.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: