Roonserver Install

Just wondering if anybody else is having problems downloading roonserver? I have try just about everything I can think of… Only thing I can get downloaded and working is roonbridge or do a manual install. RoonServer_linuxx64.tar.bz2 package always stops at 90 percent.

No, the download fails to complete. However, if you go to Downloads in your browser and restart the download, it will complete. The file is 16.7 kB (633 lines.)

Thanks for the reply… no problem downloading that file, once downloaded, chmod +x,
sudo ./
This is where it hangs up at 91 percent want finish the download…
RoonServer_linuxx64.tar.bz2, is where it hangs,

I manage once to get it to work, Thought I had it figure out, so I did a clean install (ArchLinux) and again ran into the same problem… Also tried Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian)

Okay, that wasn’t clear. Anyway, no problem here with curl downloading this file.

Sorry, Guess I wasn’t clear enough… I can install roonsever manually, no problems. Roonbridge, no issues. Just the easy installer is hit or miss. No worries, for know I have the core on a mac, but will be moving it to a NUC next month using a base installation of linux. No plans to use ROCK… Thanks Take care