Roonserver no longer working on Ubuntu 21.10

I’m a linux newbie…
I installed Roonserver on a Intel NUC, worked perfectly for months. Stopped working a while ago. I get a lot of errors (see screenshot). Any suggestions?


There was a big change to the Linux RoonServer requiring different dependencies. You might review them, not able to search and link atm. Will come back and do so if you have not found it searching the forums.

Recently another user had the very same problem on 21.10. He finally resolved it by uninstalling Roon and doing a clean new install, restoring a backup of his database afterwards.

Here’s the thread:

@Rugby and @Andreas_Philipp1 I have found the answer, thank you! Uninstalling was not enough. I had to remove/rename /var/roon manually after uninstalling and then reinstall. Now it works! Thank you @Geoff_Parsons2