RoonServer on a laptop?

strange question: is it possible to run roon core server on a headless windows pc but control it using an ipad pro? i need a windows platform for a chord dave i hope to get next year but love the ipad pro screen. or roon core on a windows laptop controlled by ipad pro?

Many people run headless, but control from iOS device. I do, but I don’t use a Pro. Still, should be good to go.

This should be possible. Instead of installing Roon on this machine, RoonServer might be better suited. RoonServer has no graphical user interface and will run in the background. So the Core won’t accidentally stop if the Roon window is closed.
If you need a graphical user interface on that machine from time to time, you can also have the full Roon package installed and just connect to the RoonServer.

The only thing I am unsure about is, if the windows user needs to be logged in in order to run RoonServer.

would the ios on the ipad pro control in any way affect the way windows 10 operates on the laptop? the point here being that i need a pure windows os to engage with the chord dac as the windows laptop will be directly connected via usb to the chord dac. i need to ensure the ipad pro only acts as a passive control and that there is no conflict between ios and windows 10.

Roon on iOS will only act as a remote control. If you play anything, your Core will deliver the audio stream to the audio device.
You can read about Roon’s architecture here.

thanks Chris that’s just what i wanted to hear!! in my case would it make more sense to install roon server on the windows laptop? am i also right in assuming the ipad pro only needs minimum 64gb memory as it will only be used for roon?

Yes. That will be fine.