RoonServer on Windows 2012 R2

With 1.1 I started all over, formating my streamer, installing win2012r2 (without any updates) and tried out RoonServer. Unfortunately it does not work for me this way. After indexing some music from a added NAS-folder it won’t identify the tracks and I get a popup saying mfreadwrite.dll is missing. Also it won’t play any Tidal songs, it just skips them.

I’m guessing I need to do some Windows updates in order to make it work, right? In that case I’m keen to know which specific updates I need in order to make it work, because I’d like my streamer clean :smile: Or is it better to just do 'm all? Also I’d like to know which software requirements RoonServer has.

Any help is really appreciated!

I have been experimenting with RoonServer under Windows Server 2012R2, with a view to finding out if it will run in core mode with Audiophile Optimiser settings.

In the process I was able to successfully run RoonServer (as a Roon Core) under 2012R2 by selecting auto update and installing all updates. I was able then to use my initial Roon setup as a remote (remembering to only have one Database in play at a time, and always with a backup Database somewhere safe).

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question as to which updates are sufficient. All I can say is that after installing all of the updates (about 43) through auto update I was able to get RoonServer working as a Roon Core under 2012R2.

That is a very different thing, of course, to having RoonServer work as a Roon Core under 2012R2 in core mode. with AO optimisations which is what I am aiming for. The nomenclature can be confusing.

Hi Andybob, thank you for answering! I’m going to update as well and see what happens. I’m aiming at exactly the same as you are. Win2012R2 with AO…

I found that I could get it all working nicely but I ran into a problem after running AO Service Tool P, which prepares prior to the AO program itself.

I have since installed the Essentials Experience Role using Server Management (I am using 2012R2 Essentials) and the Media pack (see my cry for help here) which enables streaming but have not yet shifted databases for another attempt.

It does seem odd that I can get a functional RoonServer before the Preparation tool without the Experience Role and the Media Pack, so I am not terribly confident that those things are the necessary components that will fix any issue arising from using the Preparation tool.

Keep reporting back, lets see how far we can get !

My understanding was that there were two big pieces missing from Windows Server 2012 that make it difficult with Roon: OpenGL capable graphics drivers and lack of media codecs.

RoonServer eliminates the need for the OpenGL capable graphics drivers, but you still need media codecs.

So I still need Windows Server Essentials Experience installed?

RoonServer 1.1 working on 2012 R2 here (fully updated before going into core mode)
This means updating restarting, updating restarting, updating restarting at least 3 times.

After going to Coremode with Audiophile Optimiser 1.4, install Media Server Essentials, and you are good to go. Works like a dream.

@willemzout – you need the codecs for sure, and if you want to use usb/builtin sound, you probably need audio frameworks.

I think the essentials includes both, but you might be able to find them independently.

Thanks @protskrog ! That’s great news.

Did you get there simply by running wsemp.exe from cmd in core mode or was there some other step you had to take ?

Just installed Server 2012 with latest updates and roon server… working like a dream with Windows 10 remote on my Macbook pro (sacrelidge)

Every time I build a new Windows server for music, I always forget that I need to set the Services for windows audio to auto start at boot. I believe that even if you install the desktop experience, it will require that you set the audio services to startup. Sounds like the problem has already been solved, but this might be helpful to those having a similar prob.

Loving Headless Playback! !!

I’ve managed to make it work with the Experience role + Media Pack. Really works great and next step is going core-mode. Thnx!

How are you guys installing the Media Pack in core ? When I run wsemp it reloads a heap of stuff and reboots into the gui.

Is it a Powershell Install-WindowsFeature cmdlet ?

I have the same question as Andybob. Just switched to core mode, but that denies Roonserver from working. Same situation as before installing Experience role and Media Pack. I think AO undid some of the Media Pack install needed for Roonserver.

These pages seem pertinent:

Install Server Roles and Features on a Server Core Server

Service Updates on a Server Core Server

But they don’t quite say how to install the Media Pack (wsemp.exe) in core mode. The only msu file I can find is for Server 2008. Haven’t tried that yet.

Remember wsmep is a package to install (codecs primarily) and not a Feature or Role you can add/remove via a cmdlet. It is like a Win Update.

Hi Dan,

This thread feels so long ago now. I’ve lived with minimal server for the past 5 months and come to value the convenience of RDP to upgrade and configure HQ Player.

What I had found was that when using AO to go from minimal server to core, it was necessary to reinstall wsemp. Reinstalling wsemp, however, reloaded a GUI.

I’ll probably be moving to a Linux RoonServer when released. I’ll have to either load a minimal GUI for HQP or see if there is a Rygel app for iPad and use embedded HQP.

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