Windows 2012R2 Essentials & AO Query

Hi @dshore and @rovinggecko ,

Thankyou very much for your informative posts regarding Windows 2012R2 and Audiophile Optimiser. There is a wealth of useful information in those threads:

Windows Server 2012 R2

Install for Roon on Intel NUC + Win2012R2 Essentials - Using Audiophile Otimiser

I am experimenting with a Windows 2012R2 Essentials AO installation on a Gigabyte BRIX and am up to the installation of Experience Feature and Media Pack. I see the media pack is the wsemp package referred to by kevin.

I understand that in Server 2012 R2 Standard it is necessary to install the Windows Server Essentials Role.

Under Server 2012 R2 Essentials, however, it appears necessary to install the “Experience Feature”.

Could you point me to where the Experience Feature is to be found and give some gentle guidance as to how to install it ?


Yes it is necessary…Go to Server Management to add Essential Role, then add the Media Pack patch after.

I’ve installed the Essentials Experience Role in Server Management
When I run wsemp.exe it warns that I have not configured the Essentials Experience Role and won’t complete if I ignore the warning.
In Server Manager notifications it invites me to configure the Essentials Experience
If I click to do that, it brings up the Configuration Wizard that we were instructed to cancel earlier
Should I now let that Wizard run in order to instal the Media Pack ?

All good !
Just needed some restarts and then I was able to complete installation of wsemp.exe without running the Configuration Wizard.

Thanks for your help :smile:

You do not want to run the Configuration Wizard at all with Essentials - as noted in my install post you noted