RoonServer/Roon ROCK failing to start after updating

Roon up and running again!

The OS was reinstalled via the button on the web GUI and history was kept intact.

Thanks for your support.

Before leaning back again I would like to get my backup sorted. When trying the backup I get this error.

The save location is the same USB connected HD that holds my music so obviously Roon can access the same to read at least. Do you have any idea on what is wrong here?

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Hi @Hans_Moller,

I would look at my scheduled backups on this screen, click the three dots, select browse and re-map the location.


Apparently the Roon does not like the original drive. It is Mac formatet some years back (HFS+ I believe) but I was successful when mapping a Dropbox folder and later an ExFAT formated USB thumb drive.

With this I consider my support case closed and thank everyone contributing to reaching here.

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