RoonServer Synology USB SSD not found

Go to Control Panel → Network → tab Network Interface. Next click on the connected network and choose Edit. On the tab IP4 choose “get network configuration automatically (DHCP)”.

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Thanks to your help I am almost there, Alfred. I manage to bridge the carrier router (and assign theMAC of mesh router using the carrier modem app). I rebooted the network so its not showing up there. Next issue mesh router doesn’t find the NAS. I did a hard reset to reinstall dsm without data loss. NAS still not showing up on the mesh network.

Nice that you managed to set bridge mode yourself!

What do you mean by “mesh router doesn’t find the NAS”?.
Futhermore, has the NAS a IP address now in the correct range?

Hi Alfred. Have an idea what might be going on. In my current setup I connect only to the WAN port on the mesh router. Think I have to move it to the basement and:
Carrier router bridge WAN → Mesh router WAN
Mesh router LAN → Switch and rje NAS and other cables to it.
Going to test if that works and wonder if the mesh wifi signal strength will remain acceptable.

Victoryyyy Alfred. This configuration works and looking back @&#$$”& I did not think of that before lol. Thank you so much for your support.

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:+1: :+1: You’re welcome.

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Now if only Google would bring that new Nest to market so I can boost the wifi again. Mesh router in basement and a pod on ground floor = great connection. The 3rd pod on the 1st floor = weak connection. It gets me going for now as don’t think investing in current Nest would be a smart move.

It is difficult to advise you about this remotely. Sorry.

No worries Alfred. Was more a reflection on the next steps to optimize the network and not relating to this trouble ticket.

:+1: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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@Alfred_van_Hoorn. The hero of the thread! Nice work, friend.


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Thanks @Wes. I like to give this kind of help and support. :smile: Thanks again for the compliment.


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