Roopieee Endpoint volume jumps suddenly to max

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on intel NUC i3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UNIFI network

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi endpoint running RopieeXXL

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Description of Issue

The endpoint volume jumps suddenly to max. I did apply volume limits, which are not respected by Roon, see screenshot where it is visible that volume is limited to max 5 but it jumps to 33 without any input

I have had the same. Volume limits really don’t work as Alsa overrides them it seems. I know have it in reverse on Ropieee every restart of the OS sets Roon to 0.

ok… I don’t mind volume limits not working, but what on earth is sudddenly setting my volume to max and why? did you find a solution?

When I had librespot set to use hardware volume it did it. But no idea if that was the cause. I set it back to software and now it’s always 0.

I still have a similar issue with my iPhone as a remote. If Roon remote runs in the background a volume setting on my iPhone ring tone etc will often be applied to Roon volume as well. If I activate Roon from running in the background all hell breaks loose at times. One of these 'convenience ’ features that don’t really work. Now I have a habit of killing Roon remote before I make volume settings to my iPhone.

In the device settings, what is the, “Volume control”, setting? Is it set to, “Device volume”? I have had this problem when using the Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt with the Volume control set to Device volume. This didn’t happen with the Dragonfly Red or another DAC capable of device volume control. I don’t think that this is a Roon problem or Ropieee problem; a device problem probably. I changed the volume control settings to Software control and that fixed the problem.

it would be quite strange for this to appear after months of everything working properly…
and I don’t have a "software volume"option.
I have DSP volume, Fixed volume and device volume
Is DSP volume the same as “software volume”?
strangely enough, today the sudden volume jump did not happen

Yes, DSP volume is what I meant by software volume.

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