Ropieee and WOL

Hello ! I have the use case where I turn on my Raspi at each listening session. Thanks to fast Roopieee boot time, especially with 64 bits version, there is no problem to do that.

I would be delighted if Roopiee was able to send a WOL packet to the Roon Core at astartup (The RC is asleep, yes I try to control my energy consumption, and it will be more and more the case)

I am contemplating to use DietPi instead of Roopiee to do that, but can this feature be considered in Roopiee ? Energy considerations are more and more important and I guess more and more people will have the same need


As Roon refuse to add WOL from a remote to wake the core, perhaps @spockfish can do it from Ropieee?

Yeah this sounds both doable and sane.

I’ll add it to the list.


Thank you !