Ropieee and WOL

Hello ! I have the use case where I turn on my Raspi at each listening session. Thanks to fast Roopieee boot time, especially with 64 bits version, there is no problem to do that.

I would be delighted if Roopiee was able to send a WOL packet to the Roon Core at astartup (The RC is asleep, yes I try to control my energy consumption, and it will be more and more the case)

I am contemplating to use DietPi instead of Roopiee to do that, but can this feature be considered in Roopiee ? Energy considerations are more and more important and I guess more and more people will have the same need


As Roon refuse to add WOL from a remote to wake the core, perhaps @spockfish can do it from Ropieee?

Yeah this sounds both doable and sane.

I’ll add it to the list.


Thank you !

So… it has been a while, but functionality has landed in 2023.05 :wink:


Hip hip hip Hurray ! I make another donation straight away ! Thank you so much

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Curious, can this same option be used to wake an amplifier @spockfish ?

Your amplifier as Wake on Lan ??? Which model is it ?

They are Yamaha WXA-50, when using Airplay Room wakes them up, I’ve just tried via my RPi with Hifiberry HAT and optical cable but it doesn’t seem to wake them :frowning:

I was wondering if there was some way for Ropieee to wake them up.?

Probably not. Airplay is a builtin feature of the Yamaha, and builtin feature can wakeup the amplifier. An external feature has to “tell” the amplifier to wake up and use an official protocol to do that. The well known protocol is WOL (Wake on Lan), and there is no (or very few) other. If the amplifier was Roon ready (so, no need of Ropieee), so, a builtin feature, Roon may wake up the amplifier.