Ropieee does not show up in Roon

I have given Ropieee a try on my Raspberry pi3 with Nuforce uDac (1st gen) Ropiee shows up in the webinterface but it is not seen by Roon as a network endpoint. What could I possibly have done wrong here?

Is your DAC connected with USB?

Then make sure the DAC is connected/powered on when your’re configuring the endpoint in Roon, otherwise Roon will not see it. Furthermore make sure you’ve enabled ‘USB Audio’ in RoPieee’s web interface.

Yes, checked both. Light on the uDac is burning, Audio USB on the web interface is checked. Rebooted a couple of times but it does not show up. Maybe the uDac is not supported ?

Don’t expect that. It’s a USB DAC, so it should be supported…

Can you go to the ‘advanced’ tab in the web interface? There’s a button below that says ‘send feedback’. Hit that please so I can have a look.


Will do that, thanks

feedback has been sent, could not write down the number, went away too fast

Everything looks ok. DAC is recognised (although this manufacturer forgot to set the ‘manufacturer’ field in the USB information), RoonBridge running…

So in general I would expect it to show up. Have you restarted Roon Core?

Yes i have restarted the core. Will try it again. Could it be the missing device info?

Just remember I have an old usb spdif bridge in the closet. That one works and shows up as usb audio dac, the same name it shows up when I connect it to my laptop

No I can’t image… can’t look in the RoonBridge log though.

ok. that would be a quick check I guess.

Connected the usb spdif bridge and sent uou a new feedback file. This one shows up in Roon as USB Audio DAC, Burbrown from ti ALSA

ok… that suggests there’s something with that DAC directly over USB. weird. But if this works … :wink:

Yes it works, but its only a spdif bridge. The udac works fine directly from my laptop and shows up as Nuforce uDac

What do you mean ‘from my laptop’? In combination with Roon?

I mean directly connected to my macbook, either in combination with Roon or as default audio output

yeah ok. but default output is not the issue. the DAC is recognised, so this is only an issue in combination with RoonBridge so it seems.

So the weird thing is that if you connect it to your laptop it shows up in Roon, but not if you hook it up to RoPieee.

Hmm… to bad I can’t see the RoonBridge logs.

Are you familiar with SSH?

No sorry, not familiar with SSH

The Udac shows up as Nuforce uDac in Roon but the underscore says “Vendor strings are placed here” In other words, it appears to have no vendor strings as you have allready figured out.

yep. Extremely sloppy work, but that’s it. It’s just a string, and not part of the interface. So I’m still surprised that it won’t show up.

Ok. What I will do is extend the feedback mechanism so I can also see the RoonBridge logs to see what’s going on and why it fails to see the DAC (which is what I expects happens). If RoonBridge does not have an audio output device available it won’t show up in Roon Core, so that seems to be your issue.

Will take time though and won’t be earlier then the weekend.

Well I allready have had way more help from you then I ever expected, so take your time.

Thanks a lot, highly appreciated.

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