Ropieee endpoint/ROON Bridge > DAC

Hey there

Running ROON ROCK>IFI Puriator 3>Project Pre S2 DAC…on USB

Looking for cheap endpoint/bridge to seperate those units…Core in another room…to endpoint via ethernet> DAC

Though on RasberryPi 4 with Ropieee…my needs is 512 DSD natively and fully MQA unfolding in DAC

Have skils in Windows and building…can follow instructions

Understanding that it is not good…to directly drive the DAC to ROCK…course the noise…thats why im asking here…

If thats not so big problem…other solution is to get a Akasa case for the NUC…I dont think its a problem in my system…at least theres no noise in the speakers

Goal is totally silent system

Can i get some thoughts on this…thnks

It isn’t bad to drive the DAC directly from your core. It just isn’t considered best practice.
Option 1. Fanless case for NUC and linear PSU.
Option 2. Pi4 and Ropieee. Add LPSU if you think it helps.
Option 3. Fancy streaming device like micro/ultraRendu or SOTM with attendant PSU’s.
Option 4. A Roon Ready streaming DAC.
I have done them all and I am at option 4 now.

Thnks dor answer…
I think i do the fanles case…im the only user for the system

Can i ask…what device are u using Henry?

This is a good example:

One issue to sort out first is native DSD512. Normally, native DSD requires ASIO drivers in Windows. Some Linux builds can also, so before you decide on a pi endpoint, or any of the other ones like a microRendu, you need to verify that YOUR DAC can get native DSD from it.

I play native 512 DSD files now…the DAC is capepel to do that

Thnks for answers everybody…think i do the fanless case for the NUC

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Hi, I am using the Teac NT-505. It is limited to DSD128 over the network. But I upsample to max PCM x2 and do the final upsample to 512 in the DAC itself. It sounds quite respectable! :slightly_smiling_face: