RoPieee - Feature requests

(Harry ten Berge) #62

Ok. But only DoP. Then yeah, we need to contact the manufacturer. They need to fix the USB bios to be able for me to enable native DSD.

(Morten Sigaard Riedel) #63

Just got a reply from M2Tech stating that HiFace DAC is PCM only… hmmm… DoP worked on Win10 but not on Linux? this is what the manual states:

hiFace DAC is a true 32-bit DAC. This means that 16-,20- and 24-bit files are reproduced
with highest fidelity. The extra bits available are used to save the maximum resolution of
the original audio data even when setting volume in software mode by the player. To have
a better glance of this important feature, the 8 extra bits available when listening to a 24-bit
file allow for 96dB attenuation before resolution truncation starts generating harmonic
384kHz capability allows for listening to DXD files (352.8kHz sampling rate) at the native
sampling rate, without any harmful sample rate conversion.

(Harry ten Berge) #64

Oh djeeeeez… I should have checked the first time :frowning:

I’ve totally misread your first post, and was under the impression you were talking about this one (which IS DSD capable):

But yeah, it’s simple: your DAC does not support DSD. It’s PCM only.

Sorry for the confusion!

(Morten Sigaard Riedel) #65

No worries mate! :+1:


Hi Harry @spockfish,

I’d like to request something. While the whole ropieee experience is really cool, one thing keeps bugging me: All these tiny LEDs (the ones on the Pi itself and the ones on the ethernet port) create a rollercoaster-like lightshow at night…

Would it be possible to shut them off permanently? I know it’s kind of a status indicator and maybe it’s a good thing to have them operational but it’s very distracting at night… At least to me.


(Rob Kamp) #67

Use a non-touch screen for display only.

from RoPieee LCD Beta stuff - tell it like it is

(Wim) #68

@osss : There is a hardware fix for this: black tape :slightly_smiling_face:

(Harry ten Berge) #69

I’m still gonna look into this. Because I’ve got the same in the evening :smiley:


I like the DIY approach @seagull :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you @spockfish, I’m glad that I’m not the only one…

(Sean) #71

Ha! If only the Hugo’s coloured balls also flashed Harry!

Every evening would be disco night at Harry’s place! :joy: :dancer::man_dancing:


@osss maybe it’s time for a touchscreen it will hide the LEDs. Cant see mine at all. :slight_smile:


i am successfully running ropieee on rpi2 with iqadio digiamp+ and touch 7" display - kudos to @spockfish !

one (for me important) thing I am missing is the volume control via touch screen which should be not big deal to code i guess?

other thing is possibility to use ropieee as full controller, or at least allow me to select internet radio, use search and show “Overview” like in osx/ipad client - this i understand may be quite challenge to implement - if ever possible…

besides the ropieee a have camera attached on the rpi, just for experiments with webcam, face detection etc :slight_smile: - it works fine even with the archpi, just few small tweaks required to get it working.

photos i made during installation into the SmartiPi Touch Stand - it’s a good one i have to say :slight_smile:


I’ve got an LCD screen attached. Thing is, my frame doesn’t enclose the Pi on the back, therefore the lightshow on the rear wall…

(Darius Matuliauskas) #75

Hi there,

These are more bugs than feature requests but here you go:

  • After turning off my Roon Core (running on my laptop), touchscreen keeps showing the song as playing for several minutes. It would make more sense if it went to the clock/blank screen sooner after it stops playing

  • Every time I re-plug my laptop with Roon Core to the network and start playing through ropieee, I need to manually restart the extension through the browser to start displaying album art and controls. It would be great if ropieee would detect that Roon is playing on the device and would try restarting the extension if it’s not connected. A button on the touchscreen to restart the extension might be handy, too.

And now onto real feature requests:

  • shairport-sync integrated into ropieee (I have it installed manually and it works great but if it would also integrate with touchscreen with all the album art and controls that would be epic)
  • Spotify Connect support
  • (optional) Display of file format and dynamic range


(Harry ten Berge) #76

I’m not sure what you mean with:

“there are more bugs than feature requests”.

I can’t fix bugs if you don’t report them.

(drdk) #77

Not sure where to post this so will start here since I really like what Harry has done with Ropieee and hopefully he will consider this as a feature request.

Even though not universally approved by audiophiles, I have a large flat screen on the wall between and a bit behind my stereo speaker setup. I have my Roon server in another room and am using a MicroRendu to feed my DAC. I control Roon from my iPad.

Now that I have dabbled with Rpi and Ropieee, I figure there must be some way to leave my primary playback chain untouched. Is it possible to utilize a rpi and it’s hdmi output to be able to display the Roon playing now screen (or some variant) on the large flatscreen? I can do this now with the 7inch rpi screen but the effect is not the same from across the room. i know all this is available on my iPad so no need to point that out, would just prefer to have this on my flat screen for added enjoyment.

Has this already been done? I have searched the Roon forum and found some discussion but no solution. I am a clueless command line, Linux person (it’s why I like Ropieee so much). Any suggestions? Harry, any interest in this as a side project?

Thanks for reading

(Darius Matuliauskas) #78

Sorry Harry, I just meant that in my post I described more bug reports than feature requests – and this thread is meant for feature requests. :slight_smile:

(bearFNF) #79

It’s not perfect but I cast my android tablet to the big screen TV. Can your IPad do that?


yup, you can do sceen sharing via Airplay from iPad to Airplay-compatible device - unfortunately as far as i know video mirroring is possible only with apple tv :confused:

(Harry ten Berge) #81

grumpy old me :smiley: