Ropieee + iOS Roon Remote app

I firstly must apologise for this question, I am very new to this. I am currently running a trial of Roon for OSX, however I don’t really want to use my Mac as my main unit for Roon.

I am considering a Raspberry Pi 4b,
My music library is stored on my NAS,
My Hi-res Audio speakers are Edifier s3000 pro (have hi-res DAC built into them) so my speaker will be connected to the USB port of the Raspberry Pi.

Would this all work in your opinion?

and would I be able to use the Roon Remote App for iOS to use it?

Many thanks for all the help you may proved, and is is extremely appreciated.


The specification for the core can be found Here
The raspberry will be fine for a client but I think you’ll need a higher specification device for the Core.

This has been discussed before; e.g. here:

Richard_Bradshaw you are just missing the key item from your list, the ‘core’
This is the computer that will act as the server for Roon (currently your Mac)
Just pick up a cheap 2nd hand Intel NUC from eBay of CEX and all the rest of your list will work well with that (guides for all of this on Roon KB

Bless you guys, thank you so much for all your help, its very much apreciated.