Ropieee on the New Raspberry Pi 4

No, it wont ever work. It not got the oomph nor is it compiled to run on Arm its for x64 architecture only

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Running Core on a Pi won’t work. I mean, technically it will, but it does not have enough power.

I’m reading the thread about it, people discussing specs and so on, but the only thing I have in my mind:


Why do you want to run a serious heavy piece of software on a Pi, even if the manufacturer of that piece of software (Roonlabs) is pretty clear about it’s minimal requirements.

And even if the Pi would be powerful enough, even then: you really want to run a process like that with a serious database from a cheap SD card?

“shaking my head”



There are some properly powerful ARM machines out there. Like the server systems from Gigabyte with 244 ARM cores and up to 4TB RAM in a single chassis. But those solutions are as expensive, if not way more, than a suitable Intel-based server for Roon Core. Those high-core-count ARM servers make sense for high density web servers, but not a lot else…

Possibly premature question, but does this have the potential to be better than an Allo USBridge?

I would say no. At best it might make a case for the USBridge to be less necessary but until we hear one no one can honestly say with confidence it’ll be better.

Allo is designing new USBridge based on Compute Module 3+. Don’t know anything about a release date.
Current USBridge is out of stock on Allo website so maybe a new release is imminent.

But I have another question. If USB DAC is designed properly (XMOS), does it really matter if we are using plain simple Raspberry Pi or Allo products?

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I should have one by end of week also, happy to test.

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Yup – just got delivered at my home address.

Humbly awaiting instructions. :smiley:

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Orderd mine today, 4Gb version. Not available yet. Waiting patiently, full of expectations.

Hoping the addition of USB3 and splitting of Ethernet and USB means a more recent kernel to improve chances of working with a PUC2 Lite.

Ordered today.
Mine will be delivered on Friday.

No. But the marketing guys will tell you otherwise…


It does matter in my opinion. Confidence in your setup goes a long way to making people happy with their kit. These devices provide some with that confidence, myself included. In the end though I chose to get away from USB in the signal path.

The funny thing is that people here usually spends thousands of € for audio equipment but they’re looking for the cheapest solution when it comes to running a powerful software for listening to music on it :slight_smile: after paying good money for the software itself.

Just drop the MicroSDHC card from another RoPieee endpoint in the RPi4 and power on …
Isn’t it plug an pray? :sunglasses:

The SD card is a real weakness. But it’s easy enough to keep a copy to slip in when the one in use fails.

It’s here. It’s fast. And it works fine running latest Raspbian / Roon Bridge / HifiBerry Digi+ Pro:

@spockfish: anything to be done for Ropieee as of yet?


Hi @RBM,

Raspbian has been updated earlier this week, RoPieee won’t run as it misses a few elementary components for the Pi 4 (specifically the bootloader).

It’s all prepared, I’m already running the new kernel, but I don’t have the time to create a new image.

Mine is arriving tomorrow, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get it working this weekend.



Nice Harry! Mine is arriving tomorrow (friday) as well. The 2GB version, 4 was out of stock.

The technical guys will tell you as well. As do my ears - RPi, AlloUSBridge, & Pro-ject Stream Ultra (RPi-based) all in house. A decided step up in SQ as you go up the three.

Be interesting to see how the RPi4 compares to the USBridge though given the Pi no longer has a shared USB bus (I believe)