Ropieee on the New Raspberry Pi 4

Super excited about new Raspberry Pi 4 :slight_smile:
Will it be supported?


Yes of course. I’ve already ordered one.


I’m hearing that USB bus might finally be full bandwidth and not shared with the lan. Is this true?

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Yes :slight_smile: finally

Bugger I wish I knew this was coming as I just bought a NuC to replace my pi due to poor usb .

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Any changes for multichannel audio? was the 192khz 2-channel limitation a raspberry issue or a linux kernel issue? :wink:

So… for my idea: any RoPieee users already ordered one?

Not yet. The 1 GB and 2 GB versions were on stock at SOS Solutions this morning but now they are on pre-order again.

Ok. The build with the new kernel support the Pi 4 is running, so it’s just a matter of time.

I said earlier I ordered one myself, but I was too quick: it’s also on pre-order :frowning:

In stock at ThePiHut, but I do not have good experience with their shipping delays.

No, I’m pretty much an SOS regular as well.

Kiwi Electronics appears to have the 1GB and 2GB models on stock:

Not really on stock …

This item is ordered from our supplier. We expect to receive 250+ items on 03-07-2019.

ah well. we need to deal with it :wink:

I’m building the new kernel as we speak. Ideally I can release an update as soon as the device arrives, so I still think we can do this pretty quick.


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I just ordered at 62 available:

@RBM I hear a first voluntary tester :wink:

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Bring it on! It should be here this Wednesday. :slight_smile:


Do you think that my current ifi audio power supply 5V 2.5A will be enough for the new Pi 4. USB DAC connected to my Pi 3 is drawing about 0,5A (Khadas Tone Board).
On the website, they recommend 3.0A.

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Tom’s Hardware tested it at just shy of 8W at max CPU load. I don’t think that included stressing the GPU at the same time, though. But RoPieee wouldn’t be maxing the device out, either. 8W means 2A at 5v, so a 2.5A power supply should be sufficient. The 3A is probably to ensure no more than 80% draw when fully maxed with a HAT and/odor USB peripherals hooked to it.

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Are we talking about installing Roon Core??

If so, I am so in!