Ropieee - Tidal Connect [unsupported]

Tidal has just announced Tidal Connect.
Essentially its Spotify Connect for Tidal.

The Will Ropieee support Tidal connect?


Wouldn’t that depend on what DAC you had plugged into it?

No, Tidal connect is a streaming protocol, just like Spotify connect - which Ropieee supports.

This is unlikely to happen until the open source community reverse engineers the protocol, just like was done to create the Spotify ‘respot’ project. Spotify, Tidal, etc., aren’t interested in providing their proprietary code to independents; they want to do deals with big CE companies where everything is closed source and under NDA.

If you’re using Ropiee don’t you have Roon, so why do you need/want this?

My guess is not everyone in the household likes roon :wink: I also have this issue (wife likes Spotify) but in my case wife hates Tidal too.

I do wish that some things like sleep timer was available tho in these other direct apps for Ropieee


Yep, Native Tidal integration via Ropieee would be suitable for our household.
My wife doesn’t like Roon, its too complicated.

I primarily use Roon for its Tidal integration, but would reassess if Tidal connect was available via Ropieee. I suspect Roon’s adoption has somewhat been fuelled by a previous lack of Tidal Connect features.

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Hi @spockfish,
Will Ropieee include Tidal Connect?

I think I already answered it in another thread, but the short answer is ‘no’. At least for now.
It’s simply related to the fact that Tidal Connect is not an open solution: there’s no piece of (open source) software I can use and add to RoPieee.

So basically it’s for commercial offerings for now.

We need to wait until someone reverse engineers it and provide a free alternative. Basically what happened with both Spotify and Airplay.



That’s what I thought. If you’re using Ropieee it’s because you have Roon which integrates with TIDAL already. I imagine some people may prefer TIDAL’s interface to Roon but in that case why would you be using Ropieee in the first place? Perhaps I’m missing something? :thinking:

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IMO, some users access Ropieee for Spotify connect and uPnP functionality.

I.e. users needing Audivrana uPnP endpoints, or lovers of the Spotify music selection and interface. Tidal connect would be helpful in these instances.

A recoded Tidal Connect will become available eventually, it’s just a matter of time, via Diet Pi, Linux, etc.

Yeah, right now I have all my old gen 1 Sonos gear set up at my country house. It will die someday (some of my 15 year old gen 1 gear has started to die, naturally enough, mostly the networking goes). Though a couple of old ZP100 Amps are powering passive speakers directly, a couple of ZP80 connects are inputs to stereo systems; it would be great to get a cheap dac like a Khadas Tone Board and a ropieeeXL and drive directly from Tidal (I don’t have Roon at my country house); though Spotify would be ok if I went that way. Nothing there is very hi fi.

Actually, someone already did this: GitHub - seniorgod/ifi-tidal: Tidal Connect Service Implementation

Would you be willing to include this? Would be great :smiley:

The actual service implementation in that repo is a binary, not source. So not that portable.

True, but still usable :slight_smile:

Is it possible that someone could contact the person who reverse engineered it, and see if they could get the source code so that Harry could incorporate it? Seems like a very desirable feature… I just don’t know much about politics of contacting someone who developed a repo…

I doubt it works like that. Maybe you should give it a try :wink:

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Awesome, so what sampling and bit depth is this limited too?
I assume Tidal software is doing the first unfold.