Ropieee --> USB --> Modi 3 ---> SQ?

Hi all. I will be setting up a Pi4 with Ropieee, and ordered a Modi 3 in hopes of using it’s USB input. I just read Audio Science Review’s writeup on the Modi 3 though, and it sounds like the USB input does not perform well unless using WASAPi drivers. I’m not super technical, but the only Windows machine involved in this is the one hosting my Core, so I’m assuming WASAPI does not come into play between the Pi and the Modi3. Any thoughts on how to overcome the negative SQ issues referenced in his writeup, given my setup? Would I need to get a HAT to output via SPDIF? Could I use WASAPI drivers in Ropieee? Thanks for your help!

You would need to not use USB if you are not using Windows. You could use a DigiOne HAT and output via Coax to the Modi.

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I would try USB Pi4 to Modi 3 first; listen and trust your ears. If you don’t like what you hear, then go for a DigiOne HAT or a PI2AES and connect your Modi 3 using S/PDIF. I doubt you’ll hear a difference, though.