Ropieee V253 = Noise on Katana


When Ropieee Upgraded to V253, there is Noise on Katana.
Any help is welcome.
How to downgrade to V248???


you can’t. can you send me feedback so I can have a look?
And the noise: it is noise only or noise on top of audio?

Noise o top of audio

The sound is also low volume. I am using Isolator 1.3 and 192 sample rate

hmmm… couldn’t that be the issue? that the volume is very low hence the distortion?

The volume is not that low. It is lower than normal.
Isolator is 192 max, so I am using this rate

I have another ropieee v258 with Allo Boss Dac, and it is Ok.
I upgraded the Katana ropieee to 268, still distorted!!!

It is probably a Katana hardware failure.