Ropieee V253 = Noise on Katana

(Antonio Souza) #1


When Ropieee Upgraded to V253, there is Noise on Katana.
Any help is welcome.
How to downgrade to V248???


(Harry ten Berge) #2

you can’t. can you send me feedback so I can have a look?
And the noise: it is noise only or noise on top of audio?

(Antonio Souza) #3

Noise o top of audio

(Antonio Souza) #4

The sound is also low volume. I am using Isolator 1.3 and 192 sample rate

(Harry ten Berge) #5

hmmm… couldn’t that be the issue? that the volume is very low hence the distortion?

(Antonio Souza) #6

The volume is not that low. It is lower than normal.
Isolator is 192 max, so I am using this rate

(Antonio Souza) #7

I have another ropieee v258 with Allo Boss Dac, and it is Ok.
I upgraded the Katana ropieee to 268, still distorted!!!

(Antonio Souza) #8

It is probably a Katana hardware failure.