Ropieee, wifi adapter, and RaspberryPi?

I have an RPi3b I have just set up with RoPieee which is having stuttering, stopping issues associated with the “Audio File is Loading Slowly” error. I assume this is a wifi issue, but can perhaps trouble shoot though this means moving my DAC around or a long ethernet cable run through the house.

  1. Will adding an external wifi adaptor be likely to improve this situation?
  2. If so, which ones have been successful with RPi3?
  3. Will RoPieee autoconfigure to support this dongle or do I need to get into some kind of terminal mode to configure the software?

David - Dallas

Is there a way to get a command line out of a ropieee installation?

I remember reading that Ropieee doesn’t support wifi.

Found the link: Ropieee - Enable wifi

RoPieee supports wifi with the latest release (this weekend).

ah ah. i missed that, thank you.

Thx Julio and Harry. I think I will see if I have an extender I can plug an ethernet cable into to improve my performance. Otherwise I will have to try to install DietPi or or Rasbian although RoPieee was certainly a painless installation.

If WIFI is the issue, you can get a WIFI extender or an optical Wired extender. The Optical extender is bullet-proof. Look on Amazon.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio