Ropieee - Enable wifi

I’ve just stumbled across Roon and Ropieee. this has solved all my music headaches to say the least. I have Pi’s as endpoints (coupled with hifiberry Hats) and strictly use Ropieee coupled with a few Raspberry Pi’s / Touch screens for remote controllers. They aren’t exporting any audio and would love to ditch the ethernet cable I have attached to them.

Is there any way to enable the built in wifi on the Pi3, or use a usb dongle attached?


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Its coming at some stage I think Harry noted somewhere…or maybe that was fixed IP…maybe both :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now RoPieee does not support wifi, either built-in or via an USB dongle.

And @wizardofoz is right: it’s on the ‘todo’ list, both static IP and wireless.

Static IP will be first though. Expected OTA within a few weeks. Wireless is next.



You can use a WiFi repeater with an ethernet port to connect your RPi.

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Just an update: with the latest release WiFi is supported now.

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Only the build in Wifi or also anexternal Raspberry compatibel usb dongle?


No, only the build in WiFi (for now).

Thanks for your project and the fast answer!

I hope there is a chance for feature updates to use a external dongle because the onboard wifi isn’t really stable like an edimax.

Well, I don’t have such a device.

@Spockfish how do I enable wifi on an RPI 3? I had been looking for a description, but I cannot find it.

Go into the web page to the network tab. Select ‘enable wifi’ and save. Reload the page, and you’re be able to select your network and provide a passphrase.

And yeah… documentation is definitely on the list.


h - I see no opportunity to enable wifi

He! So… you have an Pi 3 right? Can you send me feedback? Thanks!

Yes, of course. What info do you need and how do I get it?

Go to the ‘advanced’ tab and hit the ‘feedback’ button. Provide me the string that’s printed.

here it is identifier

Ok thanks. I looked at it, and RoPieee thinks it’s not a Raspberry Pi 3.
This detection mechanism uses the CPU revision number to recognize the Pi model, and I think you’re on a revision that I did not have yet.

Are you familiair with some (basic) linux skills? SSH? Then I can retrieve this information and patch it.


yes, I can do that. ssh root@ip, probably? What are the passwd? and commands you need for the info?

Harry - I am really sorry I have disturbed you with this. It is a version 2 - I have installed screen etc. on it, and I was sure that I used a 3 ( I have three now). I will shift it to a three and try again…

No problem Henry. Glad you discovered the issue.
Let me know if you need any more assistance.