Ropieee with USB volume control

This might be a simple question, but I haven’t been able to find anything in my search of the forum…

Is it possible to plug a USB volume controller into my Raspberry Pi running Ropieee to control volume ? I’ve got a desktop setup, and I currently use the Flirc dongle with an old IR remote, but all I really need is a knob to turn (and/or play/pause for when calls come in) on the desk next to me while I’m working. Since Flirc uses the media controls mapped to the IR buttons, is this something that might be possible?



@spockfish I ordered a couple inexpensive volume knobs and did some testing – largely with success!

Here are screenshots of the ones I tried (note: Canadian site, so prices in CAD):

I plugged them into my Ropiee setup (one is a Pico W2 that I had previously used as a Flirc receiver; the other is a Pi 4 with a touch display and OSMC dongle/remote set up). Both successfully changed the volume of the indicated zone (even though the Pico W2 said “none” as the remote detected, and the Pi 4 also had the OSMC remote dongle plugged in – which continued to work).

The only glitch was related to the “mute” function of one of the controllers. The one that is only a knob will mute if you push on it. This would sometimes cause the Pi to no longer respond to the volume control, and though it would start playing from pause it wouldn’t pause.

If I could ask for some tweaks for usability, I would hope for:

  1. the Ropiee to detect the generic HID (rather than none) – not a functional issue, it seems, but would make it easier to confirm via the gui that the control had in fact been detected
  2. remap “mute” to “play/pause”

Thanks for the amazing work you’ve done – @spockfish, Ropieee is amazing!