RoPieeeXL on Rasptouch only doing 176.4K for DSP files

And generally, Roon says it supports 192K bitrate, but the Rasptouch specs say 384K.
Did I do something wrong with my configuration?


That means the Rasptouch can support passing that resolution through to the DAC. What resolution actually plays is determined by the DAC it is plugged into. So what DAC do you have plugged into the Rasptouch?

Ah good point:
Holoaudio Spring Kitsune’ level 3
Connected via HDMI/i2s
Supports 32-bit/384Khz

When connecting via i2S, Roon doesn’t see the DAC. It sees Ropieee. What hat if any do you have selected in Ropieee?

Raspberry Pi HAT (i2s)

The maximum resolution of that device is probably 192/24. Roon will down sample as an integer of 44 or 48. Hence your result of 176, it being an integer of 44. This may need some input from @spockfish. Perhaps a new setting in the HAT list specifically for this, or another suggested HAT?

I’ve only seen the Kitsune pared with the Singer for i2s. I think @andybob was using his that way. Not sure if he still is, and maybe he might drop by with some words of wisdom.

I’m still using microRendu - USB - Matrix Audio X-SPDIF2 -i2s - Holo Audio Spring 1.

Is there something I can check that would assist ?

Hi, do you get 384K resolution or if not what is the max you get?

Hi Andy, what is the max resolution you get?

Hi Peter,

Sorry, I missed your question above (“@username” will flag posts for a user).

Max is DSD (44.1 x 512) and 705.6 kHz PCM. The Spring I lacks a separate 48kHz oscillator so the higher 48 kHz family rates have issues.

The Spring II has a 48kHz oscillator and an improved USB input.

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