Rotel finally comes to the party…

They’ve been teasing with a number of Tested devices, now fully down the streaming route with the S-14:



The Rotel S14 Integrated Network Streamer is an all-in-one solution providing convenient, intuitive access to the near limitless catalog of online music. High resolution audio including MQA from Tidal and Qobuz is rendered with detailed precision through a 32-bit ESS DAC delivering 150 Watts of Class AB power into 4 ohms.

The front panel color display presents album artwork, track, and title information and simplifies the setup and configuration process using the included remote control. The S14 connects to both hard-wired and dual-band Wi-Fi networks for installation flexibility.

Use your favorite music player App or use the S14 App to access thousands of Internet Radio stations.

The S14 also includes Coaxial, Optical, Analog, PC-USB and aptXTM HD Bluetooth source inputs for legacy devices and even plays MP3, WMA and AAC files from flash drives.

This just-add-speakers solution continues to deliver on the promise of quality, performance, and value synonymous with Rotel.


It’s about time, and look forward to watching/listening to some reviews

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Pricing & Availability: The Rotel S14 will be available in the United States in black and silver finishes through authorized dealers with shipments beginning in December of 2022 and the rest of the world shortly after at $2,499.99 / £2,499 / €2,699.

Back to 1USD = 1GBP now!

US prices do not include sales tax, UK prices do. That would make the UK price £2,082.50 pre Sales Tax (VAT), which is only £50 more than the net USD price.