Router for large library


I need help choosing a new router for my microrendu/sonic transporter 8TB (completely full) AP version with Roon 260,000 tracks/files.Currently using 3 year old Asus RT-AC66U which may have to be replaced because of poor performance.

Prefer to stay with Asus brand.



I use an RT-AC68U very happily. Often the later more expensive models just offer more “features” that you never use than improvement in the actual job you want done.

What kind of performance issues are you having ?


Hi Larry, I upgraded from a fairly powerful Asus RT-AC68P to Eero mesh wifi. Huge improvement in my system’s performance with the Eero mesh. Eero mesh keeps getting better with firmware upgrades too. No dead spots in my house, and the firmware articulates how your device is connected, as well as the quality of the connection. Integrates with Amazon Echo line too.

Best, Robert

Google is also coming out with a home networking solution, which is claimed will be the best one around.

I’d love to try Mesh wifi but I don’t think there is any in Germany.

Not yet. It is being copied by several outfits including Google. Give it six to twelve months, and I’m hopefully something will become available. Stuff works great.

Google (and others) is copying the mesh concept. The differences will be in the firmware upgrades and features. Sure Google will make a good one too.

AnandTech had a pretty good article on the developments in this area. I’m sure there’s about to be an avalanche of Mesh Wi-Fi products from multiple vendors.