Router in different room - advice please

I am moving house soon and the BT router will be in the hallway , this means my Nucleus and PS, TV, Devialet amp will not be hardwired to the router.
Sorry if this is a basic question but how will i solve this . The Nucleus and Devialet amp have to be hard wired for it to work effectively when streaming music as I now use Tidal exclusively.
There is a phone line socket in the wall where my equipment will go. Will I be able to buy another router, or some sort of gadget like a switch that I can plug this into this socket to enable me to hard wire my hifi gear.
Any guidance greatly applreciated

No, phone jacks are RJ11. Ethernet is RJ45.

You should consider having an Ethernet cable run installed from your hallway (where the BT router is located) to the room where you have your equipment. In this room you connect the Ethernet cable to a network switch for domestic use, and connect your Devialet and Nucleus to this switch with shorter Ethernet patch cords.


I’ve had good luck with ethernet over powerline adapters. Plug in one to your router and a second one near your Nucleus. These tend to either work well for a user or not work at all. I suspect this is largely dependent on how the home is wired, etc. And if you need more ethernet sockets at the Nuclueus location, simply get an unmanaged switch. Plug this into the powerline adapter, then you’ll have as many additional plugs as the switch has (4, 8, etc.). You probably only need 4.

I’ve used this:

This is a newer version:

Thanks for the replies guys I will have to try and disect them later.
This is bad news to me as I thought my router would be in the main living room as it is now.
I am not that clever with technical stuff so I will struggle to make sense of this I think.
So as this will be a permanent move I want the best option . It looks like the Ethernet cable run is the best option, then connect a Network switch ( whatever this is ) to this. This will look awful though with cable running through my house surely ?
There must be a lot of households have this very issue?

Run wires behind baseboards or up through the ceiling. Pay for a professional to do the work. They will advise you on the best way to run your wires that won’t be seen.


Short term fix could I just buy a long ethernet cable and attach the switch?
Is it this simple?
I need a quick fix as cant live without my music system for too long.

PS would it be an electrician who does this type of work

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Hi Steve

It is really, really simple.

First the switch (I suppose you live in the US?)
Go to
Search for: 8-port gigabit switch
Select e.g. NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS308) for 19,99$

To start quickly - buy a complete ethernet cable for the length that you need and then some.
Search for: ethernet cable cat6
Select e.g. Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft White - Flat Internet Network Lan patch cords for 13$

Connect the switch to power, and plug in the new ethernet cable in e.g. port 1.
Connect the other end of the new ethernet cable in your router ethernet port.
And technically that is it.

Now for ‘view’ factor.
you can either fix the ethernet cable to the wall with the include clips, move the cable under a carpet,…
If you really want to have your cable into the wall, then it is best to ask an electrician, as he will need to pull ‘naked’ ethernet cable (if possible) through the same tube as your telephone cable , and then put the ethernet connectors on with as special ethernet crimper (such as UbiGear Network/Phone Cable Tester + RJ11/RJ12/RJ22/RJ45 Crimp Crimper +100 RJ45 CAT5 CAT5e Connector Plug Network Tool Kits (Crimper315) also at Amazon)

Good luck


Unless you have nimble fingers don’t try crimping your own it is a serious frab :sunglasses:

You could aways put the router somewhere else. Pay an electrician to run cabling to the new location. Or, as has already been posted, pay someone to run an ethernet cable from the router to your Roon core device. They can run the cable over the top in the attic or under in the basement. I had mine run around the back of the house.

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Guys some very helpful advice and I really appreciate it…but I am now even more confused to be honest.
I will re read the messages when i get a chance after work

Hi I would love to give further clarification but I have no idea what you would like me to clarify :smiley:
Like I say I am a novice

The best option seems to be the 8 port ethernet switch option and getting an electrician to sort an ethernet run …as longs as its not ugly

Sorry this has totally confused me.
I had assumed the phone line in my living room was no use for the router as it would not work

Just to clarify unless I have described something incorrectly.
Its a brand new house in the UK.
The BT socket is in the hallway.
In my main living room i have a TV socket and a telephone point.

Currently I have 4 devices in my living room hardwired to my BT router. PS4, Devialet amp, TV and my Nucleus

So after reading above I assume i need to buy an ethernet switch and run a cable from my router to this switch.

I can do this myself at first as a temporary measure , and then get a professional in to do it properly to hide the cables etc??
Have I got this correct?

I think I like this option …I will investigate further. Thank you

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I thought the router has to be wired to the BT socket which is in my hallway

Thanks for the reply. I am in the UK but assume the procedure is just as simple.

I may go for the quick fix at first just so I can listen to my music when I move in …then get a professional to hide the wires etc

Completely agree.

OTOH, I’ve fished cable thru walls and between floors.

Where is your phone line terminated at the other end, and do you need that phone line?

Depending on the answers, you could just attach a fishing tape to the phone line, pull it back thru, attach your Ethernet to the fishing tape and then pull thru to the location you want. There’s already a chase for the phone line, so this should work. That’s all the electrician is going to do, but for $500 ( :slightly_smiling_face:)

Sorry just to add, this will be the case in thousands of new homes in the UK as most want a wired connection to Hifi gear , TVs etc.