Royalty and attribution

When I play Tidal and Qobuz via Roon, does Roon submit that playing (or “favoriting” or “adding to my library”) to those content services? I want to know that my use of Roon contributes to the artists’ revenue.

Technically, you will always streaming from the streaming servers directly. Roon is only a means to point you to the desired music.
So, it does not make any difference if you are using the Qobuz app or Roon on your pc to play music.
As a consequence, the artist should receive the same royalty as well. Difficult to imagine that even a small% would go to Roon.


Hallo Dirk,
that doesn’t answer the question on how an artist will be payed by an individual listener and fan. Spotify and others are using a so called “pay per stream” or “pro rata” system. The amount of earned money from all customers will divided by all streams and then the individual artist will get his percentages calculated on his streams compared to all streams of all other musicians. This leads to a situation, that a fan of Jazz music might lead the most of his money to the actual popular artists, let say a pop or rap musician he never heard over his Roon account.
What most of the engaged streaming users are searching for, is a streaming provider with a “user centric” payment method. Means: When I am listening to lets say Eberhard Weber (from label ECM) he and his label will directly benefit from what I have payed for to my streaming provider.

Do you know details about how Qobuz is paying their artists (and labels) on their platform?

Thanks in advance


I think that the only firm that benefits financially from Tidal plays are MQA. Roon pay per decode for each track played.
The streaming services handle royalty payments at source as you would expect. Roon is just another application using their content.

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To my knowledge, every streaming service uses this payment model; TIDAL and Qobuz are no different. There are some industry moves to change this (e.g. UCPS - Pay who you play) and --here in the UK at least-- our Parliament has been grilling the music industry over “fair pay for artists”. I’m led to believe that there is movement behind the scenes; but nothing is going to change overnight.


In Deutschland versuchten die öffentlichen Medien das Problem so zu verdeutlichen:

  • Playing, yes.
  • “Adding to library” is the same thing as “starring” in those services.
  • Favoriting, no.

Royalties are paid on plays, not the others.

No fees from your streaming service payment go to us. We get no kickbacks or revenue share from TIDAL or Qobuz for users that play their content or sign up for their service. I would love it if they did, but they don’t. I am pretty sure that @anon90297517 is right, and that they lack the margin to do so.