RPIs no longer visible in "about Roon"

After updating to 1.3 I can’t see any of my RPIs in the “about Roon” window.

They are fully functional and showing fine in settings -audio.

I wonder how to install future updates now…

I went looking and found one of mine in the same state just now.

I started poking at the problem, thinking maybe we had broken something about the discovery system, then rebooted the bridge to see what would happen and it showed up, and now it shows up reliably regardless of whether the bridge comes up first or the mac comes up first.

Does restarting the bridge device fix your situation too?

Wondering if maybe something went wrong when the update was installed. Hard to imagine what…just thinking about possibilities.

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I had the same issue on my RPi running Roon Bridge in DietPi. The upgrade process went through to getting the “Click to relaunch” message appearing in Roon, but clicking had no effect, and once Roon was restarted, the endpoint had gone.

I just needed to power-cycle the RPi, and it was back…

They’re back :slight_smile:

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