Runaway volume increase

I am using Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

I am using it with Bluesound Vault, and Tidal.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Using wired Ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Ethernet to Core
Wireless to Powernode and wireless speakers.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Run away volume increase.

Occasionally have had it happen with both the Bluesound Powernode and with Flex2i wireless speakers, it will be working fine until I go to make a minor volume adjustment. Then randomly, volume starts uncontrollably increases causing hate, panic and discontent.

It has happened with both Samsung tablet and Samsung phone, also happed when I was using a PC to run the core app. I have to quickly pause it and then close the app, restart the app to make it cease.

Please share device setup, including volume settings. Furthermore, have you set up volume limits?

Several other threads with the same issue, sadly no resolution or even official acknowledgement that I’m aware of by shortly skimming trough some of them. As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with the endpoint(s), but all with the current control in use. I guess that it is easily enough reproducible with a mobile device (mostly Android based, IDK about current state on iOS or even desktop systems) just keep trying. Looks to me like Roon has issues properly acting upon touch input.

Description: A touch event gets registered, the action (volume change) starts but lifting the fingers gets never registered so the action continues ad infinitum and even new touch events (they get executed as far as I can tell) on the same control (group) never end the hanging action.

This is a bug of the Roon UI IMO and I don’t see how that can be fixed by users. @support please confirm the issue and put in a ticket for the devs or at least start an investigation to collect more data.

Until the issue got fixed by Roon Labs, the only workaround is probably: to take your time when on touch controls, try to aim accurately, try to touch and lift on the control (don’t swipe away from the active area before lifting). The community might find more? Also if someone knows of a reliable way to terminate the hanging action, please speak-up.

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Not sure what other setup info. Bluesound and Nucleus have a wired connection to ethernet hub

Hi @John_Booher ,

Thanks for the report here!

@BlackJack - We have been looking into this issue and your description looks fairly close to our current understanding of this issue. Though unfortunately, we have yet to find any sort of reproduction steps that can reliably reproduce this on our end.

@John_Booher - How are you adjusting the volume when the issue occurs? Do you use the + - buttons or drag the slider? If you switch from the increasing zone to another zone, does the other zone have the same affected behavior?

I was unable to find one so far (and I tried hard). Trying hard long enough usually triggered it though. So maybe this is some sort of race condition, dependent on other background stuff going on, …?
I think if the code could be modified in such a way that any new volume change action (mute, slider or +|- keys) would cancel all ongoing (volume change) actions first before proceeding would, while not prevent the issue from happening, lead to a much more predictable behavior and quick way to remedy the issue.

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Hello @support

I also want to report a running volume increase issue.
My first problem with ROON, running 1,5 year without any problems till now.
In a few seconds the volume runs to max.
You can see the slidebar running up on the remote.
Also the volume on the endpoint is running up.
It happened two times now.
Both after switching on my NAD equipment and switching to NAD endpoint on my Roon remote with Samsung S22.
I can not reproduce till so far, and do not know when it starts…
I only know I need to be very very alert when I switch to NAD endpoint after it is switched on.
Two suggestions in the last changes:

  1. Changed remote Samsung S10 for a new S22 Ultra (since two weeks)
  2. It can also pops up after the latest ROON update…

I hope this issue can be addressed asap, so the reliability will be back asap.

thanks, Frank

My configuration:
Roon Core running on:
Dell Optiplex 5080 Micro Form Factor (headdles use)
Intel® Core™ i5-10500T 2.3Ghz
16 GB (1x) 2666 MHz DDR4-geheugen
M.2 256GB PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive
Windows 10 Pro (64-bits) 20H2

Endpoint: NAD Bluos Streaming Audio DAC C658
AMP: 2x NAD C268 in bridge mode
Interlink Audioquest MacKenzie XLR
Speakers: Sonus Faber Lumina III black
Speaker cable: 2x 3mtr, Audioquest Rocket 33 bi-wired
Turntable: Pro-Ject 1Xpression Classic S-Shape
Sumiko Moonstone MM
CD player Kenwood

Endpoint 2x Sonos Play 1 (L+R)

iPhone 12 mini
Samsung S22 Ultra (used S10 before)
Samsung Tab7plus
Laptop, Acer Spin touch screen

Bower and Wilkins, PX7 headphone

The Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i speakers are pretty much unusable with roon for me because of this issue. I can use them just fine with the bluesound app however. I am happy to be your test bed for a solution.

Hi @Frank_van_Winden / @John_Booher ,

Can you please let us know the following details?

  1. What is the exact local time + date + track when you next observe this behavior?

  2. Does the issue impact multiple Roon zones? If you switch to another Roon zone, does it start to impact that zone too?

  3. Does a restart of your Roon App (interface) stop the behavior from occurring? If you are using a Core + Remote setup, please verify if just restarting the Remote aspect stops the behavior.

Let us know when possible, thanks!

This just happened to me again! It’s happened about 6 times now, mostly in the last couple months. Luckily I have volume limiters in place, but I still run up and turn off my amp. It has happened on multiple endpoints, but never any at same time. I use my phone as a remote and I’m 90 percent sure it is the problem. I have to force close the app on my phone and reopen the remote to stop it. It creates so much panic when it happens. I hope it gets fixed soon. Been using room for 3 years now and love it. Bugs come and go, but this one scares me and if it keeps happening I’ll have to stop using it. My phone is a pixel 6. I’ve had it almost a year, but the volume thing just started.

This sort of bug was around before a few years back as it used to do it on my Naim Atom. It was an issue with Roons touch interface then to according to Naim.

I have had it a couple of times now with my Arcam SA30, I cannot categorically say it is Roon though as my wife uses Tidal connect and for some reason likes her Salsa music a little (ok a lot) louder than I like my calmer music :grin:

I put volume limiters in place in Roon but recently I can see that these have gone. The lower limit of 9 was there, but the upper safety limit was back at 99, which is loud enough to break my house and speaker’s I think.

I have added a comfort limit as well now, but I have never seen the volume limit go before so I will keep an eye on that.

The limits may not work here to well if its been moved above them outside of Roon, Roon will blast out regardless.

I’m thinking it might be something like that.
As it’s only happened a few times, but is painful when it does happen.

I also use RooExtend with RooNuimo and had thought it possible that someone has been turning the wheel when music is paused (quite possible)
Hopefully the limits will limit the damage again now.

The arcam should have some limits on it, my AV amp does so you could set it there as well likely safer than Roons as its hardware. My Atom has this ability so I set it to not be able to go higher than 50%

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Never saw them, but compared to AV Amps don’t have a lot of options in the menus. But I will have a check thanks

You can

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Cool thanks I will have a look for double safety (or to check if I have already done this and Roon just does not see it). Of course I might have set it way to high when I put it in :wink:

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