Running remote with Tidal library freezes tablet. Have to restart every time

Running Huawei MediaPad T1 10.0 Quad Core 9.6" Android (KitKat) - This is admittedly a crummy tablet, but I’ve never had a tablet, including Apple, that is not crummy. Android may be updated from KitKat, not sure, but the tablet is not associated with any wireless carrier or ISP. Just a free ranging Android tablet.

Audio device is PS Audio DSD DAC over Ethernet.

Home intranet very free of any bandwidth hogs, nothing running at the same time as Roon/Tidal listening. No complex network topology. Roon core is on a Windows 10 “gaming” laptop, pretty new, and WiFi connection to the WiFi router/switch. PS Audio is connected to same switch using Ethernet.

So what happens is on this particular tablet, other than background processes (and I’ve killed everything non-essential) I’m running ONLY Roon and using it to browse/play Tidal. Three issues occur repeatedly, the first less serious than the second and the third being the most serious:

  1. When I click on the downfacing arrow under any given artist and their description/narrative is longer than what will fit in a single screen, it hangs every time I scroll down or up using typical swipe gestures for touch screen tablet. Very annoying.

  2. Roon only works horizontally. Will not allow me to orient the tablet vertically. I have not tried on a smartphone so I don’t know if this is long-known Roon behavior or intentional. Still annoying.

  3. When using Tidal, the main reason I got Roon, when I invoke a search by hitting the little magnifying glass up at the top right, the search window will open, but I will not be presented with a keyboard. I can click in the box and nothing will happen. Then the whole tablet freezes and nothing, NOTHING, works. I cannot use the hard keys to exit to main screen or for that matter even holding down the power button does not bring up the restart or power off functions. Totally unresponsive. Only thing that works is I wait for the screensaver to kick in, then I can use the start/power button to do a restart.

Hey @casey_cook — Thank for sharing your report with us!

First, so we can better understand your setup, can you provide some more information about your networking hardware (i.e. full topology including models of hardware in use).

I’d also like to propose a test so we can better understand this behavior you’re experiencing. Do you have any other devices available that you can use as a remote? Knowing whether or not these issues are limited to this device will certainly help with troubleshooting!

  • If you’re controlling Roon directly from the Core machine do you experience this behavior?
  • Can you provide some of the hardware specifications of your Android device?

This sounds like you may be experiencing the same behavior as described in this thread:

Please take a look at the DPI settings on your device, as described in the thread linked above. What are the DPI settings? If you change them are you able to use landscape mode?

If possible, please try the test mentioned above (using a different device) and let me know if the same behavior occurs. Knowing whether or not this is specific to this device will certainly be a great data point.


Only networking hardware is the latest ASUS wireless router, the replacement for the RT-N66U - I can get exact model number if necessary later.

The behavior is not present when using the PC laptop and operating Roon directly from there. Have run searches for various artists and never the same issue. Plus it has the look of a typical Android failure - in this case without the ability to remove the batteries or do a hard restart.

I will try the same with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 tomorrow and will check the DPI settings in my android tablet as well. Thanks and will be back with answers…

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Quick clarification: My Roon is stuck in “landscape” not “portrait” like in the other thread. Seems like a different issue other than the DPI issue but maybe the same?

Here’s the update on the tablet and network setup:

Huawei T1-A21w as specified earlier, CPU is quad core 1.2 GHz, 1.00 GB RAM, 8GB storage with about 2GB free, Android version 4.4.4, EMUI version EMUI 3.0. Ran the Updater and there are no updates available.

Router is ASUS AC2900 WiFi Dual-band Gigabit Wireless Router with 1.8GHz Dual-core Processor and AiProtection Network Security Powered by Trend Micro, AiMesh Whole Home WiFi System Compatible (RT-AC86U) - Not using the AiMesh or anything fancy. I have a very basic firewall configured and am port forwarding for a variety of applications, including whatever Roon or Tidal have required historically. There has never been an issue with the firewall before and the PC does not hang or present any operability/usability issues like the tablet does.

Cable modem is NETGEAR Cable Modem (32x8) DOCSIS 3.0 - Plugged directly to the Router via Cat 7 Ethernet

Router plugged directly into PS Audio DAC without any switching or other network gear in between. SImple 25ft. Cat 7 cable run.

Was unable to get to Google Store because of their highly annoying recent security changes, will update that later as an edit to this post once I’m able to install Roon on my “smart” phone and test.

Hey @casey_cook,

Thanks for that clarification. When using other apps do you see this behavior? Are you able to rotate the screen elsewhere as well?

Yes, please let me know how this test goes! Knowing whether or not this behavior is shared among devices will be a great data point and further direct us down the correct troubleshooting path.