Running Roon at home with multiple WiFI networks. Output only works on the main Wifi. Why?

I run Roon Server on a MacMini which is connected to my main network via a wired connection. This network also runs the wifi on the 1st and 2nd floor but I run a seperate Wifi network (connected to the main network via a wired connection) on the ground floor. When I am on the groundfloor on this 2nd wifi network I can connect to the Roon Server and control it. I can however not output on a device connected to this 2nd network. I need to be on the main network. Any suggestion on how to fix this? I find it strange that I can connect to the Roon server but not output.



Are all networks in the same IP-range?

Hi Wim, looks like the main network has an IP adress which has the same first two sets of digits as the router on the groundfloor but then they are different.

So as an example main network is 123.456.1.23 for the Mac Mini Roon server while the sub network is 123.456.2.xx (and xx dependant on whatever is using it).



If your Roon core is on you must make sure that all endpoints are on as well.

thanks! Will give it a go

Hi @Edwin_Quadt,

This is correct — Roon requires all devices on the network to be on the same IP range. Try getting these devices on the same IP range and let us know if that helps!

hi @dylan

Is the no way to route roon between to networks?

Today home networks getting more and more complex…

You have VoIP, Vlan, and more.

So you separated your network for more security and better stability.

The core is already in this condition. J
I have access from the one path of my network 192.168.5.* to the “main” network 192.168.0.* where my core is. That works fine with the roon interface.
The only, but surely the most important problem is, I can not choose any local output device! L

I see all audio devices in the main 192.168.0.* network and can handle them.

So where is the problem and why it is soon complicated to realize?

I think roon is a high tech product, and it will be good if it supports
actual Technik of data - networks as well. J

Regard’s Thorsten

Hi @supi_dupi,

With some advanced configuration / setup you might be able to get this type of a setup to work, but it isn’t anything that we officially support. If it’s something you’re interested in doing, we recommend reaching out to others who have a similar setup over in the #tinkering section of Community. There you can get some feedback from others who have similar setups.

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