Running RoonCore on Linux desktop

Heya folks,

I do not have a home server at the moment, and along with the rest of the functionality, all music files are on my desktop.
I want to run roon core from here. Other than use the windows version and run with wine, how do I do this? Only asking since the windows version solution is laggy/glitchy/borched for me.

Install Roon Server for Linux on the desktop (this will also serve as Roon Bridge on that machine too, so you can listen direct.) You can control Roon from a mobile phone or tablet, or install Roon on Wine.


Okay, as I thought. Thank you :slight_smile:
Though, what do you mean that I can listen direct?
Unfortunately the app for android at least has some issues for me. I don’t suppose we have a way of using their web UI that they use for their ROCK?

My Core is on a NUC running ROCK. On my Linux desktop, I use Roon on Wine for Control, but this doesn’t see devices attached to the laptop. Therefore, I install Roon Bridge for Linux to have direct access to audio devices and my DAC.

The Web interface with ROCK can’t be used for controlling Roon, i.e., play actions, library management etc., and is integral to the ROCK OS.

Installing Roon Server is straightforward. Something similar to:

sudo apt install ffmpeg cifs-utils -y
curl -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

The Roon on Wine script is easy to use, too.

sudo apt install wine winetricks wget -y
curl -L -o
cd roon-on-wine-master/

When the installer has finished, uncheck run Roon, and exit. If your monitor has no scaling, edit ~/ and replace the -scalefactor=2 with -scalefactor=1

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Thanks a bunch for your help. I’ll look into using wine again soon, but for now the server on my desktop is working alright to feel how roon goes (trial). I’m building a respectable server for personal use in a month or so, so will see again then if I go down that path with roon :slight_smile:

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