Ryzen Embedded Core Server Installs?

I searched for Ryzen Embedded and got very few hits. So thought I’d starts this.

I’m always looking for alternatives to Intel NUCs for a core server install that are small, efficient, and quiet, for less $$$. The Passmark site shows the R1505G and R1606G Ryzen Embedded chips (tho even the lower level V1202B would suffice; and the other V-series are even faster) are on par with my NUC that uses the Intel i5-7260U. Which I find is very adequate as a Roon Core Server.

Has anyone built a Roon Core Server using one of the Raspberry Pi or NUC sized SoC computers using Ryzen Embedded CPUs? If so…

  • What OS did you choose to use?

  • Was the memory, harddrive/NVME and USB interfaces up to the task and free of bottlenecks too?

  • What was the price?

I wouldn’t call the Ryzen Embedded SoC devices commodity items prices like a Raspberry Pi… quite the contrary. The few prices I found from makers, usually marketed for embedded / manufacturing, is pretty costly. Seems it’s still cheaper to build a Core server using a NUC or NUC clone. Do you know of any ‘cheap’ ones?

The best NUC sized clone I found was one from ASRock. That one is quite affordable, barebones for $289, you add drive(s) & RAM.

Thanx for all informed replies!

How about this? No pricing yet, unfortunately.

Ya, I have hope things like that become affordable commodity items. My chrome mobile homepage touts a list of things it thinks are my interest. And it’s been showing me these Ryzen Embedded boards for a few weeks now. And it’s what got me to make this post.

When I looked into existing NUC sized “complete system” offerings (with ram and storage) from manufacturers announcing these boards, many were more like $700 and up than the $400 - $500 I’d be willing to spend. Ideally, I’d like to spend less.

I’ve been trying to get friends buy into ROON. All hardware and software together, It’s too expensive for them. A cheap core server built on one of these would lessen the overall cost tho.


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Now if sellers can just knock a good percentage off that kind of pricing, we’ll be in commodity territory. :wink: I can see the utility in it, et al. But it’s too rich for my friends.