Ryzen or Core i7?

I was going to order a new fanless PC from silentpc.com to run Roon on. 32GB (because having more RAM never hurt anything), CD drive for ripping new disks, and a RAID-5 array of hard disks for the tracks. A bit of overkill, apparently, but I want something that could be good for something other than Roon if necessary, even though I plan to just run a very stripped down Linux plus Roon Server. But is there any reason not to choose an AMD Ryzen instead of a Core i7?

(Oh, and if you can restrain yourselves, please don’t extoll the virtues of NUC’s and ROCK to me. Not going that way.)

Roon devs have stated that single core performance is more important that multi-core performance. Intel still beats out AMD for single core. (E.g., look at https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html and the first AMD Ryzen entry is #96 on the list.) If you aren’t doing any ‘heavy’ DSP Engine stuff in Roon, then that doesn’t really matter, however.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs have only really tested with Intel-based systems, as well. So if you run into some weird compatibility problem, it may take longer to get resolved.

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One of my winter time projects is to consolidate all the various machines I have into a ThreadRipper running multiple VMs.

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Roon runs fine on Ryzen. For audio analysis and the like having the extra cores is great.

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Not sure if it is still an issue but I had to turn off CPU core power saving as it caused hanging with Debian. Other than the Ryzen is flawless and very fast.