SACD ripping to .ISO file

How does one do this? I have a bunch tucked away in a cupboard somewhere.

It’s not easy. You can Google it and find several methods, mostly you have to read through forum posts to put it all together. In essence it involves finding a PS2 (I think?) that has an SACD drive and never had its firmware updated, or finding 1 of 3 different DVD players – specific models – and hijacking their boot-up into a thumb drive that runs a script to extract the DSD from the SACD.



Thanks @jacobacci but I’ve sufficiently few of these to make what I know would end up as a massive time sink, and not without cost, something that’s not worth the bother.

Also, I imagine this isn’t worth the effort at all without a DSD capable DAC. Not worth it to rip DSD and then have it converted to PCM for playback. You’d want native DSD all the way.

My original point is: why do I have to extract anything? Why can’t Roon add a sidecar file such as JRiver? I want it to be a one stop shop for all of my music, which is what it was marketed to do.

Oh, I get your point, and it’s one of my (minor) frustrations with Roon too.

I kept all my CD rips in single file flacs so in theory I could create an exact copy of the original CD if needed. So of course to use Roon I had to create single track flacs. Fortunately foobar makes that easy to do.

It’s funny but I find Roon to be like Windows in that with Windows, I can’t get by without linux to do all the things it should provide out of the box. With Roon I need foobar to do the things it should provide out of the box (either directly or with appropriate tools on the side).

Anyway, I was largely replying to your question about what’s involved in ripping an SACD

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ah, I see - jeez I’m a bit off today. PS3 will do it, along with modded Pioneer SACD players among others. You can find them if you search.

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Sacd in Oppo player to ISO on PC

Extractor program on pc. Drop iso on executable file and you get Flac files.

There is a stereo extractor and multichannel.

Prior process used a PS3 with old firmware.


Go through the thread…believe you’ll find a number of models that work. I have an OPPO 105D that works great for ripping my SACDs.