SACD ripping to .ISO file

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How does one do this? I have a bunch tucked away in a cupboard somewhere.

ISO Support, Audio from Video formats, and a better search
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It’s not easy. You can Google it and find several methods, mostly you have to read through forum posts to put it all together. In essence it involves finding a PS2 (I think?) that has an SACD drive and never had its firmware updated, or finding 1 of 3 different DVD players – specific models – and hijacking their boot-up into a thumb drive that runs a script to extract the DSD from the SACD.


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Thanks @jacobacci but I’ve sufficiently few of these to make what I know would end up as a massive time sink, and not without cost, something that’s not worth the bother.

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Also, I imagine this isn’t worth the effort at all without a DSD capable DAC. Not worth it to rip DSD and then have it converted to PCM for playback. You’d want native DSD all the way.


My original point is: why do I have to extract anything? Why can’t Roon add a sidecar file such as JRiver? I want it to be a one stop shop for all of my music, which is what it was marketed to do.

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Oh, I get your point, and it’s one of my (minor) frustrations with Roon too.

I kept all my CD rips in single file flacs so in theory I could create an exact copy of the original CD if needed. So of course to use Roon I had to create single track flacs. Fortunately foobar makes that easy to do.

It’s funny but I find Roon to be like Windows in that with Windows, I can’t get by without linux to do all the things it should provide out of the box. With Roon I need foobar to do the things it should provide out of the box (either directly or with appropriate tools on the side).

Anyway, I was largely replying to your question about what’s involved in ripping an SACD


ah, I see - jeez I’m a bit off today. PS3 will do it, along with modded Pioneer SACD players among others. You can find them if you search.

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Sacd in Oppo player to ISO on PC

Extractor program on pc. Drop iso on executable file and you get Flac files.

There is a stereo extractor and multichannel.

Prior process used a PS3 with old firmware.



Go through the thread…believe you’ll find a number of models that work. I have an OPPO 105D that works great for ripping my SACDs.