Same album in two different folders?

Several years back I used XLD on a Mac to rip all of my CDs. They ended up in my iTunes folder which allowed me to play them back from that location using A+ and also hook my phone to the Mac Mini and download music to my phone. I am now using Roon for playback and not A+. I just pointed Roon to my iTunes folder.

Many of the CDs I ripped are actually dual layer with SACD on one layer and CD on another. I am now starting to rip the SACD layer and place the resulting DSF files in a different location (not in my iTunes folder). Roon was already pointed to the iTunes folder and I just added the folder where the DSF files are located. It appears that if Roon sees the same album in both folders it is smart enough to pick the High Res one to display and playback. Is that the case?

I do not want to delete the CD quality tracks since I use them to transfer music to my phone

Yes, Roon defaults to the highest resolution version.

Thanks, very smart software, I am impressed

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