Same name artist but not same artist?

I just ripped “Standing in the Shadows of Motown: Deluxe Edition”. The CD is identified by Roon, but the album artist shows “Various Artists”. I then edit the album and make album artists be “The Funk Brothers”. Turns of it somehow doesn’t realize that that is the same as the Roon artist “The Funk Brothers”.

What the Funk?

How did you edit? When you added “The Funk Brothers”, did you create the artist or did you choose a suggestion from Roon?

If you now have two lots of “The Funk Brothers” as Roon artists, you can either re-edit to choose the Roon Funks, or merge the two Funks.

I went to Edit -> Metadata Preferences -> Album Artist -> Prefer File

This didn’t do it so I went to Edit -> Edit Album -> Album Artist and I picked the value that was “The Funk Brothers”:

If I try to type on the adhoc field, I don’t get a suggestion like I do some other times.

Also important to note is that in the album’s comments, “the Funk Brothers” is indeed an artist you can click on:

and when you click on that you find the Roon artist, but the string is exactly the same and yet “The Funk Brothers” does not include the album with the same name:

There might be an issue related to the display of “Various Artists” below “The Funk Brothers”. My rule is (by and large) every album has ONE album artist then each artist for each track becomes the performer.

But I have tried everything (including the ID3 tags obviously) to ensure that “Album Artist” is set to “The Funk Brothers” and yet nothing.

Ok, there are a couple of ways around this.
Roon has created an artist “The Funk Brothers” from your tags that is separate from its own. (I’m not sure why, to be honest, put probably because Roon’s identification of this album didn’t have the Funks as primary artist).

Anyway, you can either
Search for the Funk Brothers, select them both from the results, and merge them, ensuring you pick the Roon one as the primary.
Or, in your album editor, select add primary artist and choose Roon’s suggestion.

You can untick various artists if you wish.

The Album Artist is a text field and can be left as “The Funk Brothers”

Ok, figured it out. If I go to Edit -> Edit Album -> Primary Artist Links I can set it from “Various Artists” to “The Funk Brothers” and that results in the appropriate artist link and grouping:

Great. And thinking about it a bit more - I don’t think Roon created an extra artist at all. It was just necessary to tell Roon to add the Funks - which you have done.

Hi @miguelito,

Album Artist is a string that is represents the artist name on the front cover of the album. The link will always come from the Primary Artist Link, which in this case was Various Artists which we don’t create a link for. By adding The Funk Brothers as a Primary Artist Link, that triggered Roon to create the appropriate link.

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