Sample rate changes 3 times

Good morning support team. My Core is installed on an Intel NUC i3 running Rock 1.6 (build 416).

The endpoint is a Mac Mini, DAC is connected via Coaxial using a Musical Fidelity V-Link 2 USB to SPDIF converter.
The Mac Mini is connected via Ethernet to the Core machine.

When I move between tracks with different resolution, I hear my DAC “ticking” three times.
My DAC is a Heed Obelisk DA and normally it clicks once when changing the sample rate.
I am wondering what kind of input it gets from Roon to perform sample rate change in 3 steps.
Same goes when I connect the DAC via USB directly.


Hi @alessandro_niola,

Can you share screenshots of device setup for this device?

Additionally, can you share screenshots of the signal path? Ideally, you can share screenshots of the signal path before the track changes to a different sample rate, and then a screenshot for the following track after the 3 ticks have occurred.

Hi Dylan,sure, here are the screenshots for the set up:

And these are the signal paths :


Thanks !

Hi @alessandro_niola,

I see in the first screenshot that you’re playing MQA content — Does this only occur when MQA content is involved?

HI Dylan,

this is happening for any change of resolution, regardless of MQA

Thanks, @alessandro_niola!

I’m going to run this by the technical team to get confirmation about why you’re experiencing this behavior. I’ll be sure to reach out once I’ve spoke with them.

Thanks Dylan

Hi @alessandro_niola,

I had a chat with the technical team today about this and wanted to follow up with their feedback. We don’t have this device in-house, so we can’t say for sure what’s happening on the device. Something about the way the DAC is handling the data we send to it is causing the ticks, but the specifics here would need to be obtained from the DAC’s manufacturer.

Thanks Dylan
However, I think it is source related, I just tried to connect the same DAC to a Raspberry and I don’t hear the 3 clicks any longer. Just one click when a sample rate happens.
So it may be something related to the mac mini audio settings…maybe?

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