Samsung Android - "Waiting for remote connection"

I’m having issues connecting to Roon from my Samsung Android phone, and would much appreciate some help troubleshooting this as I’m pretty sure the issue is on my side. It started when first installing Roon earlier this year. Back then I had a absolutely beaten up Samsung S6 Android phone, and it was giving me issues from day one. I could connect, but it always took a some time. If the phone went to sleep, I again I had to wait before connection was established (anywhere between 10 seconds to 1 minutes). My Android tablet and windows/linux (running windows vms) notebooks had no issues, and because of the state my phone was in I never bothered to look into this as I just assumed it was the phone.

I’ve since then upgraded to a new Samsung s8, and to my surprise I’m having even greater issues with this phone and Roon. Sometimes it connects within a couple of seconds, but mostly it just does not connect at all. What I see is the “Waiting for remote connection” message. I’ve tried to disconnecting/reconnecting to my wifi and restarting Roon when this happens, but with no luck. Restarting the phone seems to help. Again no issues on any of my laptops (using the same wifi), where the connection there happens immediately.

Any ideas why my Samsung phone have these issues, is there some setting on the phone itself I might have missed?


There’s a long thread, still unresolved, on Android remotes failing to connect to Roon Core: Android app having trouble finding Linux Core

Thanks a lot, let’s continue there instead!