Samsung Galaxy Tabpro S as remote vertical windows view is very cool

Hi all,

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tabpro S really as an effective remote for Roon.

It’s very cool as a general device, but one of the coolest things is that it can display Roon vertically and puts loads more albms on the screen per page. Brilliant… check it out…

It’s really very nice to use as a remote, as a super-tablet.

And best thing is that the awful swiping pagination of the Android app is gone, just touch the screen and give a miniscule swipe and it paginates.


I think the 12 inch iPad Pro does this to. The Tab S Pro is a full windows hybrid and £849 but it is an interesting option as you can stream to it as an endpoint.

Yeah that was another reason I wanted to go for it, I can connect my mojo to it directy and its not limited by the Android 48khz block.

Ref pricing, it’s tumbling. I paid 599chf for mine which is a great price, just under 500 quid in fact.

I know it’s not latest gen anymore, but it’s light, and was relatively cheap. I had the choice of course to go for the Surface Pro but that’s thicker and more expensive, with keyboard. There’s an Acer option which had me tempted, the Alpha 12, but it’s another couple of 100 on top, and heavier.

Nah…I am very happy with it I would have liked it to have been 10 inch, that’s the only thing; 12 inch is pretty large for a tablet, lol.